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Discussion in 'General' started by Lilith999, Feb 16, 2003.


What's your favorite form of chocolate?

  1. White Chocolate

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  2. Milk Chocolate

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  3. Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate

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  4. Dark chocolate with rasberry

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  5. S'mores

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  6. Any chocolate with nuts

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  7. Dark chocolate

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  8. PURE cacao bean

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  9. I'm a vanilla type of guy/gal

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  1. I love chocolate. I am a chocolate snob. I'm also a beer snob. Not much of a wine snob gets too expensive to be that selective...

    Anyhoo...My opinion is that it MUST be dark. No wimpy milk chocolate for me...

    (Chocolate dragon sculpture pic from The House of Chocolate Art, )

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  2. the syrup kind ...[​IMG]
  3. Milk chocolate w/nuts are good tooo!

    I also like white chicolate as well!

  4. YES!!! Someone that feels the way I do about dark chocolate! You see I'm a vanilla girl myself, but when I want chocolate, I want DARK chocolate....I love that bitter bite to it
  5. dude its gotta be white choclate i love that shit
  6. dark, rich, chocolate. it's just indescribable sin.

    milk chocolate and white chocolates seem too sweet to me, but then i am from the dark(chocolate) side so my views are strongly tainted.
  7. that sculpture is really cool man

  8. Yeah! Dark chocolate lovers unite!

    Have you ever had chocolate that was 99% cacao? Or pure cacao beans? WOW!!! That'll wake you up in the morning...
  9. where *drool* do you *drool* get chocolate *drool drool* like that? *drool*
  10. DARKDARKDARK!!! *bounces*
  11. I've been on my break for 16 days...well, 17 now, and have been fine reading about weed but this chocolate post (I'm on a break from chocolate too) has driven me absolutely CRAZEEEEE!!!!!

    Lilith, since this is your thread and everyone else is getting high for me, you must eat some chocolate for me. I'm afraid that I'll have to insist on it, actually! I'm not into dark chocolate, so much, but since you dig it, that kind will do. Thanks in advance!!!! :)

  12. Here goes some 70% just for you...and some organic green tea chocolate with basmati rice crispies as well... :)

    (pic from

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  13. they should have marijuana chocolate.
  14. So, out of curiosity, I searched to see if there was marijuana chocolate. I was surprised at what I found:

    "Chocolate, Marijuana Separated At Birth

    NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A bar of chocolate may do more than boost calories. According to a letter in this week's issue of Nature, chocolate contains a substance that mimics the effect of marijuana -- albeit at much more subdued levels."
    continued at:

    "Researchers at The Neurosciences Institute in San Diego have found three substances in cocoa powder and chocolate that "could act as cannabinoid mimics either directly (by activating cannabinoid receptors) or indirectly (by increasing anandamide levels)"; they reported this finding in a letter published in NATURE, August 22 1996.(1) Anandamide is a lipid normally found in the brain "that binds to cannabinoid receptors with high affinity and mimics the psychoactive effects of plant-derived cannabinoid drugs." The letter suggested that there might be some pharmacological effect of chocolate which may help to explain its popularity.

    Incidentally, none of these chemicals were found in white chocolate. Espresso coffee was also tested, and none were found.

    Although not discussed in this letter, the mechanism of action of the chemicals would suggest that chocolate might increase the effect of marijuana."
    continued at:

    another site:

    They're actually discussing researching the ability of marijuana and chocolate compunds to treat AIDS! Who would've thought that something so good could be so...good...
  15. I only have one thing to say to that...

  16. Ok now that is just crazy. But you have to admit it's true, I always feel good after a little chocolate.

    As per this thread, have to go with the milk chocolate myself, nothing like a high quality bar of chocolate. Though I can't stand the Hershey's stuff
  17. what??? are you busing on Hershey's?? OH GOD... don't get me started..I used to work at Hersheypark
  18. It just tastes so processed!

    Hersheypark though, lol, I went there when I was really young one time...that place is crazy!
  19. im a strict chocolate with the mushrooms in them person...

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