Best Trap To Set Up? How to?

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    Okay so my one plot I'm very sure is not going to be found but anyways there is only one enterance and hard to get through and I wanted to get a bear trap so if someone walked in it would snatch them, but apparetly they are illegal and i cant buy those lol.

    I want to set up a trap that will tell me if someone has found or going to my one plot. I was thinking of setting up some type of trip-wire, but an animal could trip that also. But then I thought Maybe put up barbed wire very tight in a fence like way, so that an animal wouldnt get past, unless its short and small enough.

    Then after that put the trip wire that would be tripped and drop something to alert me or soemthing that would hit or attack the person, in a way that wont seriously hurt them but warn them, that goes there so I know the person was there and they know I know they were there

    So yeah my idea was a barbed wire type fence low enough that someone could step over if they want to, but a small animal like a groundhog could get past, but would stop a larger animal. and then a trip wire after that is a little higher that the smaller animal could get by without tripping it, but a person would trip it. So the barbed fence would stop a big animal from getting to the trip wire, and a small animal wouldnt trip it, so I would know it was a human being that tripped it.

    Sounds like a good idea right?

    If so, how can i make such a trip wire? What do I need and how do i do it?

    Also, what else can I do to know if a person was there? What other traps? Im not looking to spend hundreds on a camera to put out there.
  2. Leave a wallet with $20 inside.
  3. How many posts do you have??? You should be banned for this kind of talk. And I'm not trippin'!

  4. Why should I be banned for setting up a trap to see if a person has been to my plot...not like im planning to have a trip wire with a shotgun attached to it. Jeez calm down and leave my thread if u have nothing to say, and you are tripping.

    And leaving a wallet with $20 seems pretty obvious and isnt a sure fire way to know if someone is there. They would know that taking the wallet with 20 isn't worth more than the bud.

    Maybe i could leave a wallet and put it n a certain spot and put a certain amount of money in it and put the money in a certain order and certain ways (upside down 5$ followed by 2 1$s face up, and then a backward $10). something like that. so i know that if they opened to look how much was in it and stuff i only know how it originally was.
  5. If you leave any traps the cops will stake out your grow and wait for you. More so if anyone steps on that trap.

    Just leave a pocket knife and remember how you left it. PAck of smokes like you left them. Fanny sack with a bottle and some change or a few bucks. Leave the change on top so if the bag is picked up it falls to the bottom.

    There are better way do to this friend. People that leave traps riun it for other bush growers. It gives us a bad name.
  6. Once your trap gets sprung, depending on who springs it, your plot is more likely to get raided again, but on purpose and more thoroughly the next time. Bad idea trip wires are.
  7. Also who says the cannot reset the trap?

    Simple leave something behind is the best way. I like to leave a knife and fanny sack.
  8. Barbed wire fence? What about the POSSIBILITY of someone accidently finding your grow. A hiker. Someone completely innocent. You'd feel like shit if someone got hurt man.
  9. with where it is and the location and enterance and everything ... no one is going to accidently stumble upon it. I really dont think anyone is going to even find it, or know of it. I just am paranoid and nervous cause they are so amazingly big and massive that I dont want to lose them like i lost one last year

    Why would barbed wire or a string trap be bad? I dont understrand. Its not a massive plot im protecting, its two plants but its going to yield me a lot. And even if something did happen to someone, what are they going to do? Go to the police and say hey theres a weed plants i was trying to find lol.

    but i think im going with the wallet thing with the specific way of ordering the money or something like that.
    but its hard for anyone, if anyone even finds the plot, to find the wallet probably cause the plot is very over grown and the size of the plants basically and seeing the ground is very hard.
  10. Leave a large bag of weed on the ground. That will distract them.:D
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    Yes they will go to the cops and say they were hiking and stepped into a trap. Then looked over and saw pot plants.

    A simple trip line string with no trap would be fine. No bear traps or the like. Barb wire all you want. Just nothing set up to hurt anyone. You will make it worse.

    You cannot really stop anyone from finding or taking your plants. You just need to know if anyone was there.

  12. Yeah thats all I want to do. Is know if someone was there. Which I highly highlyy doubt, like i said i was not expecting such monsters and amazing plants so now im paranoid about this plot.

    But yeah i just want something to know if someone was there basically, i either have to go with a string thing, which isnt 100% guaranteed to be accurate due to animals. or a drop which isnt 100% guaranteed to be accurate because they may be smart and not touch it, or may not see it.
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  15. Was completely sober, high now tho

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