Best training for 2x plant in coco 3x3

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by reggie1387, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. hi guys. I can’t decide on how The best way to train my plants for the best yield.
    3x3x6 tent.
    Drain to waste in coco
    Coco/perlite 70/30
    General Hydroponics using Lucas Formula + additives
    It’s my first grow in coco and I must admit it’s been challenging from growing in soil. Currently I have 2x green crack plants in 3gal pots. Either going to 5 or 7 gal. I know people will say 7 is to big but someone on here has been testing 7gal pots with good results. I have a scrog net if I choose to use it. I started plants outdoors before deciding bringing Them indoors. Started with 3x t5 110w lights for a few weeks. Then kicked over my 3x 288 QBs. Plants really struggled I wasn’t sure why until i used a lux meter (I know outdated) and found at 3ft off my plants it was still 78,000 lux. So I brought a dimmer but hasn’t arrived yet. I lifted my lights as high as I could and got it to 58,000. In 3 days plants picked up and much happier. I have made a homemade automated feeding setup which I’ve finally getting dial in. Had trouble with deficiencies and ph creeping up as you can see.

    Now training. What would be best for me to do? Plants are up to their 6th node. Top-lst, top-fim-lst, scrog, supercroop???
    C1FE011B-4406-45B7-8A3F-0F668639A199.jpeg 583ED3B6-44DB-4DD3-B9FB-DEC83161D83B.jpeg F0F4716A-FAF4-41BB-B6AF-B7C54F7EC5F3.jpeg 31697A84-BFE1-453B-82B3-D5DDFC55C77E.jpeg 33AE3CFD-EA8B-4F34-92F4-3E90CCDFBF1F.jpeg 32DD764B-4EFA-4C75-8715-98A5DBDA8113.jpeg
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  2. Personally I would top it at the 4th node and start lst'ing the new growth. But that's just me.
    Good luck with your grow.
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  3. Top & lst can get you same results as scrog. Just tie them down to keep them even.
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  4. I topped and LST my last grow. 3x thc bomb in that tent. I might stick with that.
    @MickFoster says 4th node. What node do you top at @Canibis ?
  5. I typically top at the 3rd, but I don't have as much head room in my tent or cabinet. 4th is a good bet since you have more heighth available.
  6. The plant in the pic was topped at the 4th and she outgrew the space at week 4 of flower. Caused me to have to do some unwanted supercropping.
  7. I ended up topping at the 4th node today.
    F081F5CE-5873-4F6A-9C46-16ACFFAD7345.jpeg A57B563F-D8FD-41D8-AFDD-E5DE016A9204.jpeg
    Im waiting on a new bag of coco. Should be here next week. Then I’ll wait til the plant bounces back from topping then I’ll transplant into final pot and start LSTing them. I’m going to tie the branches down to the wire mesh the plants sit on. I cut holes in the fabric pots and tied to that last grow but the fabric pots have to much give.
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  8. wont it be better to top once then LST and SCROG after that?

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