Best Town in the USA for scoring bud???

Discussion in 'General' started by Sublime4Life, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I wanna move (later) somewhere where theres bud galore...I've been thinking that i want to move somewhere where its decriminalized so best town that has it decriminalized and relatively cheap prices.
  2. san francisco. medical cards are almost given away, and hippy hill is litterally a supermarket for weed and psychadelics
  3. I used to live in cali a long ass time ago but i mean living there is SOOO expensive.
  4. for real. never seen an apartment go for lower than 1500 to rent
  5. I think it's somewhat legal in Alaska. Check the laws on NORML. I think it's legal to posess up to an ounce or something, but it's illegal to sell it or something. I bet it would be cheap to live there, too.

  6. it is. up to an ounce. decriminalized.
  7. You can go down to Humboldt C and get the dank easy as fuck.
  8. not getting any dank where i live i mean 0% anybody know a way to change this???
  9. well you live in missouri man. bammer country
  10. Idk what you mean.
  11. You Californians really don't know do you?:rolleyes:

    Teh danks flow everywhere. Its just on who you know.

    You can find dank. You just have to give a look.

    Or maybe,,,,,,,you supply yourself with the dank.
  12. 1. West New York Town, NJ
    2. Maywood City, CA
    4. Hoboken City, NJ
    4. Union City City, NJ
    5. Central Falls, RI
    6. West Hollywood City, CA
    7. Lawndale City, CA
    9. Garfield City, NJ
    9. Long Beach City, NY
    10. Chelsea City, MA

  13. you stole the words right outta my mouth
  14. Order seeds and grow your own dank.

  15. I would love to supply myself but i dont have any seeds. or anything that you need 4 growing and I dont know anyone that is a dealer so im royally boned,
  16. If you wanna live somewhere that's chill as can be on the subject of the herb, then move to Seattle. Only city I guarentee you can find weed for sure just by asking people on this specific street that I care not to mention.
  17. Like I said, order seeds online. Look up grow guides online. There are several on this website in fact, and plenty of people who would be willing to help you.

    If you have your own place (preferably something you own because if you rent the landlord can come in to do maintenance or even let in the fuzz (even if they don't have a warrant)), but if you own your own place, then it's easy. Just don't tell anyone or show anyone, don't want word of it getting out, ya know?
  18. Did you know the DEA can seize your entire house and everything in it if you're caught growing, if you OWN the property. You want to rent. Find a chill landlord.

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