Best tool for smoking at a party

Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, May 27, 2006.

  1. Alright guys Im goin to a party tonight, mostly everyone is gonna be drinkin but I know me and probably 4-6 other people will want to burn a little verde.

    I got about a 1/4 of mids...Im thinking of either rolling it all up into 3 or 4 blunts, a bunch of doobies, or just smoke bong bowls. What do you think?
  2. I like using bats/chillums, but if thats not an option, go with the blunts.

  3. i wouldnt smoke any of those i would jut smoke bowls bongs cash out 2 quickly and blunts and joints waste more weed and if you just smoke bowls i would i smoke just a couple get high and conserve your weed
  4. The problem is I have mids and they taste shitty out of a dry piece....Im thinkin of just rollin one blunt and then passin a bong too.
  5. roll up a couple doobies man...smoke 2 joints then smoke 2 more
  6. blunts. i hate going to parties and bringing pieces. you never know what can happen. at least with blunts you can get rid of them quickly if need be. also your shit can't get stolen.
  7. Plus its harder for a noob to ruin a blunt then torch an entire bowl in one go
  8. Dependin on how strong those mids are Id say having like 10, 0.7 gram joints would be pretty enjoyable, smoke a couple in each go...should have ya nice and high for a while.
  9. roll a blunt and sell the rest and pick up a 1/2 ounce lol
  10. It it was me I would smoke a blunt....I never carry pipes around on me, with a blunt you can just throw that shit out if something happens.
  11. Wrap a blunt for each person and just chill and blaaaze.
  12. I think I have closer to a half oz left rather than a quarter like I first said. I just rolled 2 fairly large blunts (probably 2.5g's each) and I filled up my dug-out all the way, and now I still have about 2 or 3 dub sacks I can get rid of. Sweet.
  13. go with 4 blunts my friend,...those will burn a while and will deff. get every1 fucked up
  14. Roll up 2 8th blunts, enjoy. Its what I did with my most recent 1/4th of mids.
  15. blunts and joints are the only way to go at a party. just bring some cigars and roll em up!
  16. Alright well I ended up smokin one of the blunts I rolled for tonight...oh well, it was nice. So now I have one 2.5g blunt, about 3g's crammed in my dugout (gonna smoke that out of my bong though) then Im bringin a couple dubs and if no one wants them they are going into blunts.
  17. i say use all but use those pipes so they resin up
  18. Aye.

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