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Best tobacco to mix with herbs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nate_vt, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Whats the best tobacco you can find at your local gas station/drug store that's good for mixing with bud?

    thanks for any help! :)
  2. NOTOBACCO works well.
  3. if you can make it to a tinderbox morning water is a good one
  4. does any pipe tobacco work ok? because black & milds work well and they are supposedly pipe tobacco. not sure if i believe that though. haha
  5. Get a pouch of Bali Shag. Its the best handrolling tobacco I've found to date. The light version is probably better for rolling a spliff or anything without a filter.
  6. Anything light or mild.

    Don't use pipe or rolling tobacco, not very nice IMO. Spliffs are my favourite way of smoking the herb too! Plus one green bar thingy!
  7. why would you mix tobacco with your weed,that makes no sense to me,when i smoke a joint,i want weed,when i smoke a cigg,i want tobacoo to each their own,marlboro 100's do it for me
  8. i use marijuana.

    i guess you are a cig addict haha..
  9. I have had this argument so many times on GC. It's a European thing. I don't smoke cigs, but i have to have tobacco in my spliffs. 99% of Europeans will agree.
  10. if the 99% of europeans cut their arm off, you would do likewise?

    it doesnt make sense, you dont smoke a cig, yet you gotta smoke tobacco
  11. yeah im from uk used to do that but stoped cuz straight weed SO much better try it out
  12. None, just mix in a little extra herb to fill that thing out.

  13. always miz tobacco with my weed usually about 80% chronic and 20% tobacco.. i find it makes the joint burn much slower and smoother lol adds a little bit of kick to it too

    but yea i used export a tobacco usually. best cig in canada
  14. Most gas stations and all tobacco stores will have Bali Shag. It's just a few bucks an ounce.

    If i have tobacco i'll roll a spliff. Definetly adds a smoothness, tobacco buzz and helps burn evenly all. Most times i smoke all weed joints tho.

  15. Its Tradition In The EU to smoke weed with Tobacco,
    Can everyone stop argueing about wether you should
    smoke tobacco with weed or not, the guy asked for advice
    on the best tobacco, not wether he should or not, so stop
    side tracking and bringing up pointless arguements that
    no one even asked about

    Original Poster:

    I see your in ENGLAND, likewise my freind go to any shop and ask for GOLDEN VIRGINIA
    its the best tobacco available in the UK, if your short on funds, AMBER LEAF is the second
    best and much cheaper than GV.
  16. I use the tobacco I get from tearing apart swishers when I smoke a blunt.
  17. Yeah this arguement comes up every time, along with "how about weed lol" posts. I'm not trying to hate, but those posts don't answer the question.
    I'm in the UK and always use Golden Virginia, cig tobacco makes me feel sick (I don't smoke cigs)
  18. Jeez, just lay off. If he wants to smoke with tobacco, let him. This thread is NOT about "Should I add tobacco?", it's about "What kind of tobacco?" And to that, I will admit I have no idea, because I don't, but fully support someone who does.
  19. wow, did not expect that to blow up like that! haha yeah i dont smoke cigs either but i like the way it burns with tobacco mixed in. plus i dont have enough money to use all that weed, sorry if that seems cheap, but jobs are hard to come by in a rural vermont college town. :( but hey, if I can, im all for stright weed! :wave:
  20. I really don't get the way a lot of people in the states roll joints, pure weed joints are even more wasteful than tobacco mixed ones and blunts are far nicer.

    To whoever said 20:80 weed-tobacco ratio you either put too much baccy in or not enough weed, it should be 50:50 in my eyes, nobody likes a fat tight joint that doesn't taste of weed. My favourite tobacco is American Spirit which I use for cigs and joints, no additives (like moisturiser) so it's dry meaning you get more tobacco than others. I don't mind GV or Cutter's Choice but sometimes it's so damp, I break up the squashed together block and leave the pack open to get it to a decent rolling consistency. In the US the only tobacco I bought was Bugler, it was pretty weird compared to anything I've bought in Europe, really thick cut and kindof crispy almost like the insides of a straight, if you don't smoke a lot I wouldn't advise that one in joints or unfiltered, I used it all but I wouldn't buy it again.

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