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Best to start with on a low budget?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by pantysweeper, Nov 21, 2010.

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    I am looking at different strains and am not sure which would be best. I have $60(or 37 pounds) to spend and was wondering what I would have the best chances with my first try. The auto flowering seeds are expensive, so I am thinking of getting 5-10 feminized. Anyone have any good recommendations for indoors? Something less smelly and not big would be best. I'm more concerned with achieving healthy plants than potency.
  2. Some breeders you would want to check out:


    If you want fem'd, go FMS or nirvana, if you have the space to deal with sorting check out mandala.
  3. I like those 3 a lot, but in the long run I get more keepers (mothers) from barneys farm than Nirvana.. Nirvana's got good old school genetics.. some discontinued unfortunately.

    FMS Iced Grapefruit dominates my garden now.. Mandala's Point of No Return should be entered into Cannabis Cup!
  4. What about guarantees with these sites? In case anything should go wrong, what site has the best customer service reputation? Attitude charges for a shipment guarantee, but what about damaged seeds? If I don't get the guarantee but the seeds arrive damaged, will they send a replacement/refund?
  5. Blah.. screw the "guaranteed" method with attitude, nobody is gonna try to steal a dvd or bother searching it, all orders come with tracking anyway (which keeps postal officials from messing with stuff). I found that ordering the dvd case, they put my seeds in a fully sealed metal tin that was practically uncrushable. they wrote dvd on the mailing slip and voila, it was at my door in 6 days. i used code 420 which i saw in high times and it got me something like 10% off my order.

  6. Yep, if your souvenirs are damaged they will replace them. However, because of legal shit in UK you cannot mention germination/growing, they will blacklist you instantly... just the way the cookie crumbles in this crazy world.

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