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Best time you've ever had high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Misterpurp420, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Mine was six flags. Me and a few buds along with some females all squeezed into an SUV and rode down. The drive was alittle over an hour and We roadied the entire way. We went on rides that blew my mind at the time! Loopty loops, steep drops, being upside name was the shit! The funniest part was fucking around with other random people in line and seeing our crazy ass faces while on the ride when we looked at the photos. When we got hungry we smoked in the SUV and went to iHop and ate so damn much, even the girls too hahaa. But when we got back in the park we met a chill group who lived near the park..and they let us come to this party for a bit. We drank and smoked some more..I was completely gone that day but loved it! Easily one of the best times.
    What about you GC?
  2. Blunts at Canobie lake park in Salem nh was fun ahit
  3. Hash Edible... I was melting into my chair... I felt like that one kid in that one above the influence commercials where he's melting into the chair
  4. Too many to single out
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    First day of High school smoked far too much of a far too strong reefer stick felt very ill all the way to school went to football practice "mistake one" That shit was intense. buzz still not faded I skip second period go grab a drink and some grub. Shit will not go away. i finally I got to home room I try and focus on reading mercifully I fell asleep wake up to the home room teacher and my school counselor we need to talk So i get the whole are you depressed. Cause a lot of kids your age are overwhelmed by the first day of High school the lady never left me alone 4 years of personal attention.

    I really am stoned I read the title and thought it said first bad high,

    Best time i ever had high Austin bike rally three days of killer music fuckin in the hot Texas sun smokin our faces off and ridding bikes till our balls hurt Probably the best time of my life i can still smell them tacos and BBQ
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    Lol that story is intense.

    I think probably the best time i ever had while high was when I smoked 1.5g on my 3rd time smoking, and got more blazed than I've ever been. Everything i did felt new, and special. I ate some bagel bites and they tasted like genuine chef-made bruschetta. I pet a dog for what seemed like an hour cause I could feel the love of the dog traveling into me lol.(it actually took like 10 minutes lol) Also his fur felt like the softest thing you could ever imagine. I watched some trippy video that my buddy put on for me. I like became one with the couch, and everything i held felt like an extension of my body, like i had nerve endings in it lol. I was high as fuck for 4.5 solid hours and was still a tiny bit buzzed 6 hours later. no word of a lie. Also my eyes were so red that the red was almost brighter than the actual color of my iris lol.
  7. Day after Christmas when I get quiet time to enjoy all my gifts--that morning I blazed and had great fun; plus I'd had a 2 day t-break--so I was fuuugggeedd.
  8. unmentionables were involved.
  9. Mine was my and my friend got some Pineapple Express and it was a perfect summer day we went to the woods with a perfect rolled joint and sat in this spot without trees and just sun like in a movie ad it wAs such an energetic happy high. One of the best highs I've ever had:)

    educate.regulate.medicate 420
  10. small world haha, i smoked an eighth with a few friends then went into canobie. got on the yankee cannonball and thought it was gonna break.
  11. Love a summer day spent in the woods! Fuckin excellent for the soul! Great energy being in nature in a peaceful take it all in kind of a way.
  12. Best time high? I think summer 2011, London. Came to visit a friend from russia. Ever since he saw fear and loathing hes obsessed with collecting and trying drugs and i mean thats cool enjoy life n shit, check yourself before u wreck yourself though. So we take like 30-35 mg of AMT and wait. After 1 hour i felt ligt headed and a bit nauseous. After the high settled in we decided to watch fat pizza. HOLY SHIT! We were laughing during the whole movie. We didnt even pay attention to the movie after some time just laughing. BTW the effects are like LSD and ecstasy combined. First the happy ecstasy feel the the triping. Like had a feeling the walls were changing colours, cat scares the shit out of you.
    Good times, shouldve drank more water though cuz i was seriously dehydrated.

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