Best Time To Water...Summertime

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  1. One issue that gets many a grower into a Buzz!, is trying to decide what is the best time to water the plants, now that we are in peak summer, for many a year I did it just as the sun was coming up, many of my friends disagreed, 10-20 of us would meet once week at a local bar, and this was a very popular subject, so we all got together, and decided to accost the best, brainiest, horticulturist in the state.
    We invited him to the bar, a very straight, old, professor type dude, and as much as he disliked us and the cannabis 'thing'. he advised us to water our plants between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm, everyday, with local water at air temperature.
    This he claimed offered the best time for the plant to receive and use the water, also allowing for the roots to respond, and absorb during the evening, and the plant ready to receive the heat of the next day.

    Cannabis is a resilient plant so it does not need that much on a daily basis, 1/4 to 1/3 of the plants pots size is enough, just make sure that you have sufficient holes in the pot base.

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  2. Sill holds true to this day

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