Best time to transplant my whitewidow...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Shrillmill, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Its only a seedling at the moment.
    Its only been growing for a week now.
    I stressed my last plant by transplanting to late.

    Right now its in a 4in pot.
    The next pot I put it in will be the last one I keep it in untill harvest.

    So how big should I let it get before transplanting.
  2. Don't worry about how BIG the plant is but how big the ROOTS are. Wait until you can see the roots at you drainage holes and then wait a couple more days. The reason for transplanting is to give the roots more room to grow. Remember roots will not grow out if your soil is always wet because the roots "seek" out water in soil. If it's only a week old and you ae in a 4in pot I would think you could probably wait another week for the roots to grow across the bottom of your pot, although you may see them already..
  3. ok well its in like ok soil right now but I got a bag of FF ocean forest for when i change it.
    The seedling is in rockwool so should I just scoop it now?
    Or rick fucking it up later??
    It is very small.
    Like a inch..
  4. If you can scoop the whole rockwool cube out and place it in the FFOF you should be good to go, do that anytime you want. Most people including me would recommend adding some extra perlite to your FFOF, like 1 part perlite to 3 parts FFOF. I use FFOF and didn't add any perlite to it my first go round. The soil became compacted, this means the roots will suffocate and the plant will probably become underwatered as when you water it the water will just run off of the compacted soil and down the side of your pot and out the drainage holes. Trust me, add some extra perlite to your soil and when you transplant, try to make sure your soil is as fluffy and loose as possible. If it is Miracle Grow perlite rinse it first so the added nutrients don't throw your nutrient solution off. DO NOT pack it down at all your roots will love you for this. The extra perlite will make you water more often than before because it will increase drainage that much more.
  5. Damn it I did it last night and didnt add any perlite .

    Its like 80% humidity in my box is that really bad?
  6. don't worry just make sure your soil isn't too compacted at any point during the grow. 80% is kinda high but since you are in veg stage it's perfectly fine, but if in flower that is too high and could lead to less potent bud and in the worst case mold. I have read studies that show that trichome production is increased in lower humidity, but don't worry about that until flowering. But anyways, RH depends on your temps... what are your temps? I am guessing they are in the mid to upper 80s. RH is the percentage of water the air can hold at a certain temperature, so it changes as the temperature changes. most digital hygrometers (meters that measure RH or relative humidity) they sell at like walmart aren't that accurate. you can buy a good analog hygrometer from a cigar shop, made for humidors, for a couple bucks. they can be calibrated regularly by a dial on their backand are trustworthy. a fan can help drop your humidity by moving the air in your grow area.
  7. Well at the moment I have like a inline fan and a 120v pc fan teamed up sucking all the air out.
    and then I have like a huge house fan blowing in the top.

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