Best Time To Transplant A Plant?

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  1. So im getting a lil OG BUBBA KUSH clone, its a few weeks old, and its been in a dixie cup its whole life. I want to transplant it out of that Dixie cup into a decent sized pot. 
    Is it safe for me to transplant it tonight? Or should I wait till morning, to give it sunlight to recover from the transplant? 

  2. Personally i transplant at lights out time. Dunno if it is the best time or not, but thats always when i did most of my transplants/lst/watering
  3. ^he is correct.
    Transplant at night so the plants have all night to recover.
  4. I would Xplant at night but never water at night for fear of mold.
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    (Most) Mold thrives in warm temps not cold.
  6. i hear tell that before lights out is a good time, but you can do it at any time in reality.  i like to do it at lights on so the plants have light to get things going again right away.  i don't know if this actually helps or hurts...
  7. Powdery mildew typically thrives in cool, damp, shaded areas. It's a rule of thumb for any seasoned grower to NOT water or foliar feed before lights out....
  8. i always try to water in the morning while lights are out, but just before they turn on (its about same time i go work) As long as your not foliar spraying water on it, i see no harm at doing it at night before lights out. Just as long as your only getting the soil moist. I have never personally had problems with powdery mildew, but i also treat with neem as soon as seedlings have 2nd nodes.

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