Best Time To Toke?

Discussion in 'General' started by TengoHambre420, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. When is the best time to light up? Do you have a specific time you smoke at everyday?. I tend to smoke every night in between 9-11pm. im not really a morning smoker but you cant go wrong with a nice wake and bake at 8am. *bong rip* :smoking:
  2. I always love to smoke when it's raining. But generally I don't have a specific time I smoke, I just smoke throughout the day I guess. But I guess if I did have a preferred time to smoke it'd probably be like right after I get off work (4pm) Cause I like to relax after work. :smoke:
  3. Yeah its always relaxing to burn during nice rainfall.
  4. Wake and bake nuff said
  5. Hah I guess any time is technically fine, but there are times that definitely have a certain mood and atmosphere to go with it. Like waking up on my day off at 7am to use the bathroom, getting back into bed, hittin the bowl and fading back into sleep for a little while longer, you just feel so at ease. Same thing with a late night toke. You dim your lights, throw on some tunes, kick back and put your mind to rest. Its hard to beat that. :smoking:
  6. I like smokin at night, usually around 10-midnight, then just kickin back on my couch and play oblivion or some red dead redemption online :smoke:
  7. At night is probably the most chill, but any other time is fine too. :smoke:
  8. I usually like to be awake for a good 2-3 hours before I light up, so it just depends on what I have going on that day I guess :D
  9. Off topic but me and my friend hot boxed his car then saw final destination 5, then smoked more, then got taco bell, and then we were going to smoke before we went to sleep but we passed out at 12. the funny thing was we were trying to pull an all nighter

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