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best time to start the seeds?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Tim Dog, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. from greenmans' site:
    10 Biggest Mistakes Growers Make....

    8. Don't Start Too Early Inside or Outdoors

    For several reasons! If you are starting outdoors June 1 is perfect.

    But if I start earlier I will get bigger buds right?

    Probably Wrong!
    Its strange but usually true. ill explain. Plants started in early spring will get big but they will take significantly longer to start flowering. This is because at the peak vegetative period they sense the light cycles getting longer and longer, until June 21. But they don't realize that its time to flower yet. Finally in the middle of August the plant says "HEY" "time to flower already" and it produces buds in August and September or later they will be tall as trees but thinner buds due to the fact that the sun is not as strong in September. Now if the ganja plants were put out later, as soon as they get a foot off the ground they say "what's going on" I am just in early veggie and the light hours aren't getting longer in fact SHORTER" Then the plants go crazy and since the sun is so bright in July and August you get amazing 6 foot trees that are heavier than the plants started in April!!! in addition to finishing earlier the late started plants are not nearly as noticeable.

    huh :confused:
    what's the truth? :smoking:
  2. Interesting, someone please back this up i would like to know more on this...
  3. It doesn't sound like a very reliable method to me.. I guess everything that I read says "the earlier - the better".

    In the same time, I will grow my plants on a remote location with no water sources around
    and if someone could back this up, it means that I'll carry the tubes with water along the steep slope two months less! :eek:

    So, please, we need someone experienced to say his opinion.
  4. well i am anything but an expert but here is my opinion:
    If you are trying to bring in larger yeilds by using methods such as LST (low-stress training) such as i do then you would want to start earlier. When you bend a plant completely on its side you set it back a little and it has to regain its stalky position for aquiring sunlight and once it reaches this position you bend it down again, an so on an so forth until you wrap your plant around your pot. Doing this takes some time, so i usually start ealier just to make sure that my LSTed plants are up to par once the right time of the season rolls around.

    but like i said im no expert so please dont take my advice seriously unless someone with more experiences sais so
  5. What grreenman is saying is that a plant can be force flowered before the natural 12/12 light sched (I think it's called photoperiod) just by starting veg stage at peak photoperiod (15/9). I read you can artificially shorten photoperiod using covers or shade to force flower. But, thats not what we are talking about here.

    So the question is does flowering require 12/12 photoperiod or just a prolonged decrease in photoperiod relative to length of veg??????
  6. nope that first post is bullshit theres so many strains that flower early due to genetics that would totally contradict that newb thought, basically all that statement said was smaller plants sense the decreased light cycle faster, thats stupid its totally dependant on genetics every strain regardless of height will vary during flowering period. it's not like larger plants 'wake up' in the middle of flowering season because they've become somehow accustomed to the vegetation hours. they sense daylight changes as they happen by the minute, also he mentions 6 ft height growth because 'the sun is so bright in august', yet it's in flowering season an the main point is bud growth

    personally i plant mine in april, may/june are my key veg months, july is flowering but they will continue height, august should be getting into budding, september/october harvest depending on sativa/indica or genetics

    in the natural environment marijuana requires a flowering photoperiod from june 21 through october at a daylight decreasing rate of a few minutes each day,

    force flowering early with 12/12 is possible but as soon as you stop the everyday routine of covering/uncovering then there will be a fluctuation in daylight hours due to the natural environment and may slow flowering down until it matches normal hours, force flowering outdoors is a big issue and for the amount of work it would require i say fuck it all, just buy some early flowering strains like early-girl or mighty-mite

    if anyones worried about late fllowering with mold development due to colder temps/higher relative humidity then just feed 10-30-15 right when flowering begins to promote quick cycle change and to focus all the female plants energy on bud development, normally it takes a few weeks for plants to adjust and start budding, also as daylight hours continue to decrease bud production continues to increase faster
  7. bump - good information
  8. Id have to agree with your points over those in the first post. Im by no means an experienced grower, just gettin into it actually. But it seems just based on facts of the plant that it would not become confused as to its place in its grow cycle. The hormones released that cause budding are due to the 12/12 photoperiod being reached. unless your talking about the ruderalis mixed strains which my understanding is, grow by a time based cycle rather then a photoperiod based cycle. But those dont create substancial levels of thc and are not usually used recreationally. unless the mix is mostly indica or sativa which they would still exhibit some photoperiod traits

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