best time to harvest for overall potency?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by bigbone22, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Watsup GC,

    I have 2 sativa dom. going, almost done too :hello: (strawberry haze and hawaiaan snow). Now I was planning on chopping at mostly cloudy with 20-30% amber trichs. right now were at just about all cloudy. What is the best time to chop so i get the best overall, most potent product. I boviously dont want to wai tuntil i have 75% amber or something like that but would waiting till about 50% amber be better than chopping a little early?

  2. more amber means more body stone , less head high. more white means the opposite. so its really up to you.
  3. yes bro I know that. I am looking for the most potent overall end product, they are sativa dom. so I am already getting the high I want in that respect basically harvest at mostly cloudy with alittle amber of 50 cloudy 50 amber
  4. I reccomend waiting till atleast 75%. If you cant wait that long... chop at 50%. It won't be as good, but it's all up to you.
  5. really you think that long? i was hoping to get to the point right before a large majority of the thc degrades to cbn, so its just about as ripe as its gonna get wihtout being too ripe know what i mean?

  6. Yeah, I disagree with this point of view.

    If the OP is looking for the best overall potency, I would probably harvest right after you start seeing amber - I'd go with 10%-20% amber.

    Saying that the weed "wont be as good at 50% amber as opposed to 75% amber" is basing your definition of "good" on how much of a couch-lock you get. THC naturally degrades into CBN which is represented by the resin heads visible shift from cloudy to amber.

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