best time of day to water?

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  1. alright got a plant in my backyard shes probably getting thirsty its been like three days but its dark would it be better to go water it now or wait till tomorrow.. ?
  2. Wait til 2maro do early in the morning
  3. morning & evenings are the best times to water plants in general. You don't want the sun to scorch them.
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    The way my grow works with work n shit, i have to water mostly not long before lights out. I know watering in the morning is best, but does that mean watering at night is bad then ?
    If so, how bad and why ?

    My night temps are @ 65/66 f.

  5. its best to feed at lights on...during the night the plants fluids all go to the roots...thats why they look like their wiltin' at first light all the fluids travel up and into leaves and buds...try to piggyback your nutes to this natural reaction:smoke:

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