Best time of day to smoke ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mike17, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. I prefer smoking at night don't know y it just feels more relaxing
  2. I enjoy toking at night. More relaxed!

    Puff, puff, pass!

  3. same. smoking at 2 just feels odd

  4. Right away in the morning.
    I wake and bake everyday, man :smoking:
  5. My favorite time is right when I get home from work, VERY satisfying and relaxing.
  6. At night for me unless its a special occasion
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    I prefer to smoke Bud anytime of the day,wither it be daytime or night-time,but my most preferred time,would have to be the very first hour of Daylight (7am where Im at) ,or a nice spot in the woods,or a small cave near my house (not actually small just don't have an internal inside) ,gotta love the bright vibrant sun beaming down upon the nature early in the morning right after the morning dew melts away,everything is so active and tranquil/peaceful Even when completely sober,but Even better when smoking some Buds and just taking everything In.  ,Not to mention the history the Land itself holds among other things.
  8. I prefer to smoke as soon as I get home from work, which is about 6:00 most days. But on weekends I usually take my smoking career a little more seriously :p A bowl every few hours on a good weekend

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  9. Everytime of the day…

    Is how it used to be.

    Now i have a job so it looks like
    after 3pm on days that i work wich is just enough time to prepare for 4:20 :D
  10. Can't smoke during the day. What if I got some shit to do??
  11. I smoke at least 4 times a day. Once before work, once during my lunch break, once after work, and once at night before bed. Sometimes I smoke more than that, haha. Each day ranges, but this is basically my routine. For five days a week at least since I go to work mon-fri.
  12. wake n bake!

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