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Best time of day to get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spaceape, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. So far I've been getting high at really late hours (around midnight). I'm often too tired to feel like I'm enjoying the high though.

    But I don't want to smoke first thing in the morning because then I know I'm just going to waste away the rest of the day.

    So what time do you lot prefer to get high?
  2. Get high in the morning just make sure your gonna do something later. lol.
  3. Honestly I love getting high at any time. Unfortunately, my financial situation has forced me to ration my smoking to once a day. That being said, I like to smoke around 10-11PM and then ride out the stone until I pass out.
  4. I usually try to be productive throughout the day and therefore I don't feel like I enjoy being high as much as I do at night. I usually light up around 10 and then again at 12 so I can go to sleep by 1:30 AM.
  5. All day
  6. Just do it around ten that way you enjoy your high then afterwards you can just go to bed. Thats what I often find myself doing
  7. sativa-any time
    indica-before bed
  8. ^^agree
  9. start in the morning end at night.
  10. first thing in the morning, no doubt
  11. i agree monrning is the best.
  12. gonna be smoking in the morning...just got a third shift job where i get off at 6am.
  13. I prefer after 12 noon because I can get really energetic and I love that feeling!

  14. On the weekends I like to get high around late afternoon to evenings.but most of the time i usually smoke an hour before going to sleep and pass out
  15. Before lunch sounds like a good idea. Gotta watch out for the munchies though lol.
  16. i like to light up at night anytime after 6. and i agree getting high in the mourning just wastes the rest of the day cuz your not completely with it. late night toking/movies/music= ahhhh yeaahhhh
  17. Anytime honestly, Just get motivated.
  18. Right when i get home from work. Nothing beats smoking while you're beat.
  19. Usually jump in the hot tub around 11-12 and light up a bong... can't say I've enjoyed any other time more than this routine
  20. I need to do this.

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