best time of day to drop?

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  1. its my first time dropping acid tomorrow. id held off cause ive been unable to get a hold of any lucy for quite some time, but recently a friend came across some and im getting my chance. im real amped!:hello: but my question is pretty much this, what time of day should i do it? i got two hits in the form of sugar cubes. my plan was drop the first at noon, wait an hour as most of my friends suggested i do, drop the second hit at 1pm, then just spend my day alone outside with my music and a blanket just taking everything in since all my friends stressed that i should enjoy nature while i trip. just looking for some opinions, is that a good time?

    (i searched for like 20 minutes and didnt see this, but my apologies if its been asked :/ )
  2. Right before sunrise. So you come up while the sun is rising. Just sit there and watch.
    In my opinion, nothing is better than that.
  3. i would drop both at the same time around sunset (drop with just enough time before to be tripping while you watch the sun sink in the horizon) which on the east coast, at least around jersey is around 8-9pm, probably a little later. around the end of your trip or at least it should be close you would be able to watch the sun rise around 6-7am and that would be something else. i prefer tripping in the dark because colors are more pronounced and defined. good luck and have fun with whatever you decide. lastly, day is fun too but there are too many people walking around in public and i don't like that but i still like to be outside. also the mysteriousness of darkness has always subconsciously appealled to me but i never really thought or noticed it until now.
  4. BigOrange prefers to drop his acid in the morning after I feel fully awaken, so I can possibly catch some Z's later man
  5. that's why your next day after tripping on anything should be free; so you don't have to have any restrictions during your trip. time restrictions are always the worst because drugs are unpredictable and you may not be coming down enough to be coherent enough to sober yourself up for whatever reason. you should be able to sleep anytime you want for the next day after your trip as long as you planned your shit out right.
  6. yeah i have nothing planned for monday thats why i figured sunday would be a perfect choice!
  7. yeah, than definitely drop at night if you're down. acid is mor ea night thing for me, honestly. i don't like dosing soon after i wake up. i feel like i need to prepare and do the things i have to do everyday so i won't have to worry later in the day.
  8. Who the fuck is BigOrange?

  9. Who the fuck is BigOrange?
    lmao I dont know who is he? I was stoned man :smoking:
  10. I'd say drop about an hour before sunset and go to the beach to witness that shit. Been the best trip Ive had so far. Visuals are good with a pink sky.

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