Best time I ever had smoking weed but feeling guilty

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  1. I knew a girl when we were kids, I was 14 and she was 12. I was in love with her. But he had to go to australia, so whe lost communication.

    Two years after that, we met again at our city and I kissed her, but that was all.

    Now I have a girlfriend and I lover her we have like 4 years of relantionship and all, but I havent forgot the other girl.

    So, last weekend some friends invited me to a reunion with some drinks...and she was there. I talked to her but just some words. After some time, we ran out of soda so I said I was going to the gas station to buy some at the market. And I she said, "Ill go with you"

    We left the house and after some minutes she told me that she had to go home because it was late.

    Of course, I took her to her house, but before arriving we were at the park. So we talked about our childhood and memories. Then we talked about weed. She told me that she wanted to try. So I offered her some weed. I smoked first. But when I passed her the pipe she told me "well I feel sick now I have a cold, maybe next time"

    What can I say? It was true, I mean, she was coughing since we left my friends house.

    I know, I insisted a lot, because I really wanted to smoke weed with her so bad...However everytime I told her if she wanted to do it, she looked like she wanted to do it but wasnt sure at all.

    So we continued talking as I was smoking. After some minutes I was high, and I started telling her things like "Youre hair... (while touching her hair)...looks like a chocolate waterfall" And she was like wtf? and smiled. The I told her that her eyes were beautiful-

    So...I also told her that the second time I smoked weed I "hallucinated" (not sure it fhats the word) that I was dancing with her, and that she was with a long dress that was made of fire.

    Finally, she told me to go to her house in order to tell her mom that she was around home and that she was safe. However her mom walked to me and told me "I dont want you to see you around because I KNOW YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. You can return when youre single" I was high as fuck but I controlled myself and tell her . "We were just talking" but she ignored me and her daughter, who said "MOM, STOP"

    I left home at 5 am aprox.

    Now I really want to make this girl try weed with me. And I want to hang around with her, but yeah I feel guilty. Do you think I should insist?

    And, what do you think about her? Do you think that she feels comfortable or anything?
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    This was the best time you've ever had smoking?
  3. I think that life is short and that you should do what feels right my brotha, rock on homie!

  4. First off.... Don't "make" any one try weed. It's their choice, if they want to smoke then great, if she has reservations, dont force it on her.

    And second, I dont really understand why you are feeling guilty here?

    Because you have a girlfriend? Even if you do, and have feelings for this other girl, it's not like you two messed around or slept with each other.

    Two people hung out and had a good time. Dont see why guilt should come anywhere into that.
  5. My GF hates this girl
  6. so just because your girlfriend hates some one, that should make you feel guilty for hanging out with them just as friends?
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    Just the fact you know this and still hang around with her shows you do not respect your relationship with your girlfriend or her personal feelings whatsoever. There are some sacrifices you make for the one you love so she's happy !! It's an easy loss, and you're setting yourself up to cheat my friend, you know it too.
  8. This was the best time you've ever had smoking?
  9. Subscribed. I want to see what happens
  10. Ok I know its a bad thing. But trust me, I dont want to cheat my GF but I just really enjoy talking with this girl, It was the best high I ever had and I didnt smoked a lot. I felt happy the whole time
  11. [quote name='"ILLOGIK"']so just because your girlfriend hates some one, that should make you feel guilty for hanging out with them just as friends?[/quote]

    His comments toward her sounded a BIT more than just friends. And if they had actually both gotten high together in a private place....well OP what do you think might happen?

    Her mother's got a obviously have feelings for this girl, and they also very obviously come out when you get high....

    Sounds like she may have feelings for you as well, and open to possibilities, and also experienced with the herb.

    If you wanna do right by your careful, if you know you can't control yourself in a given situation (and be honest with yourself), then at least try to control yourself from getting in that situation.

    Now as it pertains to just weed? Don't force her to smoke, don't insist. That's that "peer pressure" we learned about. Be open about it, talk about it with her, and make it VERY clear it's her own decision.
  12. On a more serious note than my previous post, I'm assuming you haven't told your girlfriend about this interaction?

    If the first time you smoked with her you were stroking your fingers through her hair, I can only imagine what's going to happen the next time. It sounds like you are willingly putting yourself in a situation to cheat on your girlfriend.

    This whole thing sounds like a bad situation.
  13. Yeah, my gf doesnt know anything about this interaction.

    Well about the hair part, she didnt look uncomfortable. She let me touch her hair and well and she kept silence.

    I remember a part where I said "You know what? You look beautiful... or maybe is just the weed" And she was like "Oh ok "THANKS"" and she laughed
  14. how did her mom know you had a girlfriend?? that's a future horrific in-law
  15. Maybe she told her mom some years ago.
  16. I'm sorry OP, on account of a lot of the things you've said here I have to say that I don't think you're really in the right place for any kind of serious relationship one way or another.
    Really, you just come across as pretty emotionally immature.
    I'm not saying that as an insult, so I hope that you don't feel the need to take it as one.

    As someone else said - You never MAKE someone try weed.
    It also sounds like you're being pretty pushy with her, and from what you've said to be honest I think you've convinced yourself she wants to try it more than she actually does.

    Just a tip - Telling someone you hallucinated on weed (in what sounds to be...I'll just say it...a bullshit scenario, firey dresses and chocolate waterfall hair??) isn't really a selling point that would make someone who's not yet experienced it particularly inclined to try it.

    Also, you need to get your shit straight with your own girl.

    While you're not guilty of anything YET, I can see potential based on what you've said about this "girl from your past". I think I can honestly say it seems like you're a bit stuck on her and I think that in a way you wanting so badly for her to smoke up with you is an indicator that you're wanting to loosen her up to make this more of a possibility.
    If your GIRLFRIEND hates this girl, it's likely because she's jealous and fearful because you probably talk about this chick to her in the same way.
    That said, if she has told you that she's not comfortable with you seeing this girl alone then if you do care about her, don't.
    If your need to see/be with this other chick is greater than that, I'd suggest you break it off with your existing girlfriend if you intend to pursue things.

    See, that seems simple to me - which is why I said I don't think you're really at the right stage for a relationship of any kind, because this shit should really just occur to you.

    Good luck with whatever path you go down.
  17. Sorry OP you obviously want something to happen between this girl and you.

    So if you want to take the chance of having to lie or tell your girlfriend of 4 years then for sure go at it! but before that think about what you mean by really saying "Now I really want to make this girl try weed with me."

    In all honesty I'm not talking down to you, but go into what you want to do without and misconceptions of what you want :)
  18. Thanks I really appreciate your comment.

    About the "hallucination" , I told her because in that moment I felt that I had to do it. Honestly I didnt do it because I wanted her to smoke. All things I said to her were everything I was feeling at the moment.

    Btw, do you guys think that all things I said sounded kinda stupid? What do you think shes thinking about me...?
  19. brake up with your GF till you can sort your emotions out honestly sounds like your setting yourself up o hurt all 3 of yals
  20. I'm having extreme difficulty understanding the OP..

    If you haven't seen this girl in at least a few years, how did her mom know you had a girlfriend?

    wat :confused:

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