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Best time bein high..,

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Whats the best memory you have that has to do with u being stoned? Mine...

    well mine was probably the night that me and 2 of my other buddies sat down in my room, with an OZ of headies. We smoked... and smoked... lil coke, some beer, and then we went out saw a movie, chilled with some chicks, smoked a bunch more and then some crazyness happened... bad crazyness but it didnt happen to me or my boys or anyone i cared about for that matter so i dont care, still i cant think of a time i had more fun. :p
  2. Well I was high as hell... Bongin it and smoking with a pipe.

    Then suddenly we were playing goldeneye and I was hallucinating so fucking bad... I seen zombies all over and shooting them when there was nothing there O_O

    that was the funniest and one of the best times ever :-D
  3. Ah, i can't remember.

    There's been so many.
  4. best time when i was gweeked outta my gourd was when my girl, tina, had her 16th birthday party and there was a lot of people there then we told them to go home cuz we had a couple of oozies on us and we just wanted to smoke. so we had a fucking big ass fatty then 16 bowls then like a case of bud light each and i just couldnt fucking handle it. (it was nuggies too!)
    I thought that i was flying and then i sat down and then i felt my bones go through my skin and then i had this wicked smile and my eyes were bulging out and i couldnt stop twitchin my head and i couldnt stop doing that shit for about an hour. then we had like a two hour laughing session. it was an awesome fucking birthday thats all i had to say.
  5. Every time I get stoned is the best time.. I always make the best of getting stoned...
  6. My first time smoking with the guitarist Kevin and bassist Chris from my band...(names changed). We were in Kevin's house, but his mom was totally cool with us smoking.

    We were total smoking newbies, but we had between us two bowls and a bong. We kept all of them in constant rotation, and smoked a lot (don't even remember how much).

    Me and Kevin were talking about how we must have spilled water on the rug cuz the floor was wet. Chris said, "Guys, the floor isn't wet! You're just so high you think it is!" I touched the rug again. It wasn't wet.

    Chris told us a story about getting so high he thought he was stuck to the floor. Needless to say, Kevin and I got "stuck" to the floor a lot after hearing that story. If you think it will happen, it'll fucking happen.

    We just laughed and talked and smoked.

    Eventually, Kevin's mom brought us PIZZA! None of us have the memory of that pizza after it went through the door. We just remember being excited about homemade pizza, then the pizza was gone!

    Unfortunately, me and Chris weren't allowed to stay over, so we both had to drive home (dangerous, I know. Should've had more foresight about transportation).

    But it was one of those nights you know was the best night of your life even though you barely remember it. You know what I mean.

  7. eah i feel u man, had a bunch of them myself :p
    Now tho, since my store closed im outta a job atm... ah well i'll get high somehow :p Anyone have any windex :p
  8. the best thing i ever remeber while i was stone was when i was hangin with my friend. I just finished making a shitload of fish sticks. My friend was in the bathroom so I split them up evenly,(not sure i was really stoned)and then ate my half like freakin babarian. when my friend got out of the bathroom he saw that i ate my half, and he started flaunting his half at me. he said "hey, look at what i have"(in a teasing manner)then the second he finished saying that he dropped the sticks all over the floor. That had me laughing hysterically for like a half hour. Sure there was bread crumbs all over the floor but i was to stoned to care.
  9. probably when i was chillen w/this local band i know, been good friends w/them for awhile now..but anyways i went over to there house and we were all token but we had 2 bongs and 3 pipes goin around between 4 was so fuckin fun...then we went to their concert and they played a bad ass set..good times...

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