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Best Time And Place To Smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crystal Clear, May 21, 2013.

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    Well, I am getting my first weed on Friday and need to know when and where to smoke it(I'm getting it in a joint). This is my first time and I am kinda nervous. My friend (that doesn't and will never smoke,but is still supportive of my decision to try it) told me that i could smoke it in his tree house at night when every one is asleep. I was also thinking that when my parents are gone. Any tips/stories would be very helpful. Thanks :smoke:
    Edit: I talked to my friend today and he said that his parents know how weed smells, and how another friend of ours who I don't know is a snitch or not is coming. 

  2. First few times I was dabbling with weed, I was extra cautious, so I experimented on nights where my parents were gonna be gone all night (and the next day). As I got more comfortable, I would usually just climb out of my window and find someplace to smoke. Considering this is your first time, I'd recommend definitely doing it in a place you're comfortable with and don't have to move around or anything.

    So would your plan be to smoke in the tree house and then go hang out with your friend inside? This should work, as long as the parents are asleep and aren't gonna come outside. Weed dissapates quickly outside so don't worry about it lingering
  3. I recommend that newbies do their first toke with a friend in case anything happens.  The treehouse sounds like a good idea.  Maybe wait until parents are gone for at least 2 hours if smoking indoors (for smell to go away).  You should take it easy, just let yourself experience the high.
  4. anytime anywhere
  5. Smoke away from potential paranoia
  6. Bright and early, and right in my bed. So awesome.
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    There are a few things first timers (or any good smoke sesh) should always have:
    1.) Good music
    2.) Water
    3.) Muchies
    4.) A good friend.
    Make sure you are somewhere where you know for 100% that you won't get caught. Being nervous or paranoid can lead to problems when you are high. Also, make sure you have a good friend who you trust to be there with you to talk to you and to have fun with. Being alone on your first time is no fun. If your friend's parents don't smoke, you may want to bring a change of clothes, because a joint will make your reek of weed, unless you just blow it outside. Just a tip.
    I think the biggest thing is to TAKE IT SLOW. Take a couple of hits, put the joint out, and wait 15 or 20 minutes and see how you are feeling. Most of the time first timers do not know when to stop, take 5 or 6 hits complaining they don't feel anything, then 45 minutes later they are freaking out and getting all paranoid. Weed can creep up on you and can hit you like a ton of bricks if you are not expecting it. That usually happens after about 30 minutes of taking your hit. Also, it may help to have something that can entertain you like games, food, or a movie.
    HAVE FUN. The first time weed-sperience should be fun. Laugh, joke around, play some games, and just be merry. Don't worry about the little things and enjoy your lift. Trust me, your mentality going in can make a world of difference.
    Good luck! :wave:
  8. Yeah smoke with some close buddies at a time and place where you wont have any paranoia like parents calling you and stuff. Also have a buck or two for some water. You'll thank me later.
  9. Well best time and place, best time is around noon, on a sunny day out in nature.
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    at then end of a long day; come home, kick your shoes off and put on your comfy pants, then smoke up. make sure to do this before dinner time; so you get to realize how ridiculously hungry you actually are as soon as you exhale, and immediately begin cooking the most delicious meal you've had in years (even thought you did the same thing last night too :D)
    no other way
    Oh when you do the actual smoking make sure you ritualize it somehow; I always put on some incense, some good music, then sit at my computer desk and enjoy; but there's any number of ways to do it, just whatever you feel and whatever you like to do; I just find that having a sort of usual process to it keeps it feeling special, and helps me make the most out of every session. When I'm out smoking with friends haphazardly i find sessions will pass by like nothing; yet every grounded, solo, ritualized session feels incredibly fulfilling.

    I think the most important part is just doing it at the right time in the day. There's always a place for wake and bakes, but personally I find that they make it tough or impossible to get much feeling or enjoyment out of my highs for the rest of the day if I smoke a bunch right when I wake up; generally something best saved for the afternoon or evening in my opinion.

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