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Discussion in 'General' started by Motza, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. The best thread ever is a repost of a shitty website that puts an image of kanye west over other websites?
  2. ...
    Okay then.
    I find it only slightly humorous that all of these Kanye jokes have popped up everywhere, but I could see how some would find them funny, so more power to you.
  3. Again, if I wanted to visit 4chan, I'd go on 4chan. It's not even funny. Fuck off.

  4. i viewed his pic and im like look mr fox got to post in with kanye, thats sickkkk.

    then u talked shit and im like oooohhh
  5. as i have always said, kanye is the biggest douche bag of all and i wouldnt be the slightest bit suprised if no one cares if he fell off the face of the earth.

    im not saying cuz he pulled that stunt which i could care less about, nor do i care about the time he said something about him being almost godly or something. but the fact that he is so full of himself for doing next to nothing. he hardly writes his own music. he doesnt direct his own videos. he doesnt do anything but look pretty.

    and since he isnt a very nice guy to begin with, then his good looks count for nothing.
  6. This thread makes me want to kill myself.

  7. He's an overhyped talentless piece of shit IMO. +rep.
  8. dont worry op. i laughed. these other dudes are just miserable
  9. Yo dawg, I herd you don't like 4chan so we put a meme in your grasscity so you can BAWWWW while you RAGE!
  10. hey dont get em wrong. i find the humor in it to. and no was in no way commenting on the taste of the OPs humor. its an original idea for a joke and it sums up his little shenanigan. im just saying he is a worthless compilation of energy and biological matter.
  11. Yeah I did find it funny. +rep sadly I'm stuck at the grey rep stats :( so it wont count.
  12. Protip: 4chan sucks.
  13. come on, it was kinda funny...
  14. this one is better$.jpg
  15. Sorry guys, been in a shitty mood.. and when I saw "best thread ever" I was let down.. So terribly let down..

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