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Discussion in 'General' started by hanky, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Yea yea i have to take a test. I found out at 12 today and started drinking at 1220 its like 530 now and ive had over a gallon of water worked out for an hour took a b complex vitamin c pill and 2 aspirin. I was wondering what i should put in the piss to make sure i pass...i was thinking bleach crystals under my nail, visine drops, maybe something else....what do yo uthink i should do? DONT SUGGEST THE FRIGGIN SEARCH BUTTON YOU LAZY ASSES! LOL but please help me....
  2. Don't put that shit in your piss. the lab guy is going to take one look at it and be like"wtf, why the hell is there bleach and visine in your piss?"

    How ironic... : - D
  4. It's a home test. my parents are doing it. NO lab
  5. then just drink a shitload of water. Those tests are so easy to fool.
  6. seriously? how easy to fool...
  7. One time, I bought a home test just to see if I would fail (I was high at the time, it seemed like a good idea)

    so I waited until I sobered up drank three glasses of water, took a piss, drank another, and then took the home test.
    I passed.
  8. I suggest the search button.

    Did you just call me a lazy ass? Im struck by the irony..

    Here just click this then.

    Go on.. click it. I DARE you.

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