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best things to put in bong other than water?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by GreenFish, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. what other liquids are tasty (and healthy) to use in a bong besides water? :confused:
  2. Wow another one of these. Um. just water is the best.

    Really this is like the 4th one iv seen today on the same subject. ahh. its aggervating.
  3. Water.

    Or wait...


    Seriously... putting anything besides water in there is weird. Forget about any form of carbonated shit. What a sticky mess that was. Used carbonated flavoured water or whatever it is, and it bubbled up all inside the chamber and stayed there. :(
  4. If you dont want to use regular water, try this:

  5. Syrup or honey always gives me that nice cleaaaannnn smoke :)

  6. wtf ?!
  7. haha what the fuck is diet water?
  8. Water


  9. people online long enough to see the same one four times is also aggravating :wave:

  10. It's diet water man, it has 0 calories!!!

    people who dont know how to use the search button are even worse.
  11. Just curious, since I don't know you very well:

    Can you really use honey in a bong? It seems preposterous unless it's made thinner.
  12. Nope tried everything even the things that seem stupid, the only thing that works is water you could probably get away with flavored water tho
  13. I have some sugar-free flavorizors. :D Maybe that will work.
  14. yes i was kidding^
  15. ANSWER:
    Some ice cold water with some lemon wedges in it. Not sticky and messy, and no considerable thc loss. It's a nice little tangy change.
  16. Dihydrogen monoxide.

    It has always worked for me.
  17. I love that stuff. I have like 8 glasses of it a day man.
  18. Only 8? Fuckin' pussy.
  19. Vagina juice

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