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Best things to do when stoned alone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 321toker, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. I've only been token for around 6 months and only rescently began smoking alone. What are some things to do when your high and alone?
  2. Eat
    Jerk off.
    Watch TV.
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  3. Listen to music and sing along with it...its the best:hello:
  4. Watch movies with drugs in them!
  5. invest in an xbox...
    fuck your woman...

    and blaze up more.
  6. thanks for the replies guys. I got a ps3 so i might be playin some cod4 (dont have mw2 yet) when i get ripped in like 30 mins. I just got this little red bong the other day so i dont have to improvise my smoking devices any more :smoke:
  7. come on here.
    watch tv
    just sit outdoors somewhere away from ppl and enjoy nature

    idk. when ppl are around me a lot, mainly if i'm in a relationship, when i get a chance to smoke alone i love it. i'll watch tv (turn it down pretty low), and take a hit every 5-10 mins, then just space out and think/daydream.

    but then when i seem to be alone more often i get kinda sad smoking by myself so i get on here.
  8. I love watching movies by myself stoned. You aren't concerned with other people(if you really high you don't care if other people there but anyway) and can get IMMERSED in the film.

    Music is good, but it only appeals to one sense, and I can't ever seem to do this for too long by myself without losing interest.

    Playing video games is amazing, I find myself making up stories and shit about myself in the game. It is fun as hell. Doing this makes playing old games so much more fun, because you are adding a new element to it(plus you are baked).

    Jerking off is also GREAT. Really good porn makes it even better.

    I also like to just go walk around, this is really good if you have woods around your house/apartment. Where I am at it snows a fuckload and it is great to walk around stoned in a blizzard.
  9. hmmm getting on here might be fun if i can think of something to post haha
  10. Masturbation!!!

    Video Games
    Music (listen or create)
    Color (yes, with crayons and coloring books, it rocks)
    Go hiking
    Take a walk around town
    Go to the park and feed the ducks!
  11. I love to watch something good on television. I prefer shows where you're actually learning something like History Channel or Discovery Channel.
  12. Masturbate.
    Go on GC.
  13. prefer smokin wiv m8s, but if i'm alone:

    watchin gud porn n wankin
    going on youtube n just watchin random vids
    walking about n just enjoyin da feelin of bieng stoned
  14. GC
  15. listen to some i-dosers

    go to a driving range

    if you can play an instrument go for it

    watch the showtime series weeds

    some people like drawing

    getting a massage would probably be epic if you have the dinero

    almost anything except reading.. i cant read when im blazed
  16. wow this forum is great so many replys cant wait to toke in a little while
  17. play with pets
    video games
    writing a story.. it's funny to read it the next morning
    riding a bike is fantastic
    swim depending on your circumstances
    i feel like watching tv and computer and video games can get boring becuase it's what i always do. try and do new things when you're high. i love to get blazed and then go out places without other people knowing i'm high. try going to a play, walmart, lazer tag, go carts, golfing, fishing. possibilities are endless
  18. listen to music and draw
  19. Smoke more.
    Video games.
    Physical activity.
    Read a Book. <== IDK why this seems to be such an unpopular idea. I guess it's hard when your too stoned, but at the right level with the right mindset books are amazing.
  20. Writing a story then reading it the next morning sounds so fun. I'm going to try that next time I blaze, that and drawing. I do enjoy music while I'm high.

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