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Best thing you ever did

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Palmer Eldritch, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. though I'm not liking the 'worst thing...' thread, this isn't quite the opposite. This is about that one perfect moment of architypical childhood triumph. Your one exploit that was truly epic. Its these events that were what real childhood was about which, I'm not sure, but kids these days might be missing out on since they don't play outside as much.

    So mine:

    I was 10 years old at a summer day camp and it was probably a week into the session and I hadn't really made any friends. But on this particular day, it didn't really bother me because we were going to play capture the flag. This was my game as I've always had a tactical mind.

    This camp was great, it was about 4700 acres of rolling hills, fields, forests, creeks and lakes. The capture the flag games usually lasted half a day. There were teams of about twenty each with either red or blue armbands. I took one other kid with me to scout out where the other team's base was. We got about half way through until we got ambushed and forced back to the neutral zone. I could see from where the other kids were coming from and had a good idea where they were keeping their flag. He decided to go back with his group of friends and I went off to flank the base's position alone. I went to the creek and painted my face all commando like with mud and started to creep through the brush...

    About a half hour later I come into sight of the enemy base and it was being guarded by only one person. No normal 10 year old wants to guard the base so theres never more than one. I then hid the arm band under my sleeve and and went *psst!* He turns and sees me and I wave him over. "Hey man, I'm kind of tired, I'll guard the base if you want to get into the action" Of course he agrees to this and as soon as he's out of sight I snatch the flag and ran back toward the trail I came.

    Unfortunately I was really loud on the way back and some of the kids heard me and they called everyone near by over the chase me. Fortunately, I was very fast before I started smoking ;) and though they were gaining on me I knew I could make it. They're almost on top of me when I jump for my territory's boarder. I make it in and win the game.

    My team is ecstatic because of course the winners gets a pizza party and for the rest of camp I got along with almost everyone. That was a damn good time. I miss such high adventure.
  2. Thats an awesome story man, glad to see we think alike. I have a similar story to share since I have nothing better to do....I think I was about 14 or so at the time and I was just getting into paintball. It was only my second game ever, and I was with one other friend and about 30 strangers of all ages...mostly crazy war vets. Anyways, the field was basically a giant walled off fort, with one guard tower in the center...with a flag below it. The other teams flag was in the in the woods far off, and just as in palmer's story, one person actually stayed behind to keep I went up into the guard tower, which the seasoned players assured to me was "a death trap" but I insisted on going up there. The only rule was that the door must be open, so everyone knows a player is up there. I layed on the floor in there for the entire game, ever so slightly peaking between spaces in the wood. After my team was slaughtered, I hear talking and footsteps come closer and closer...soon theres about seven other guys right below me talking about how easy that was and everyones already eliminated "we're the only ones left we did it! yay" and the moment i was sure they were all not paying attention, i jumped up and unloaded as fast as i could shoot hitting them all on the tops of their heads, etc...every single guy just started screaming OWW OWW STOP IM HIT IM OUT and ran off. I came down and the ref. said I didn't need to bother with the flag because I just eliminated everyone. I must have gotten 100 good job's from random people that day, lol....that was awesome.

  3. LOL. Way to ruin a good story, jerk!
  4. lol u saved me all that time reading his story and sumin it up to ctf lol. yeah best thing i did is smoke weed it has greaty improved my life.
  5. But not your literacy, apparently :(
  6. i'm talking about a childhood experience that encapsulated what it meant to be a kid exploring and playing with friends. Its not the best thing I've done but it is one of my fondest memories. its a shame that you don't have a similar story. Just because this is a drug site doesn't mean drugs are the best thing in the world. Life wasn't always about beating the shit out of people or fucking as many bitches as you can, there used to be pure innocent fun.

    I figured most of you wouldn't understand. you were born too late.
  7. I don't have any specific stories from childhood, but something I really miss doing that my friends and I used to do all the time is climbing trees and exploring in the woods. There wasn't much better than grabbin a good stick and going through the woods climbing on trees and hitting shit with the stick back in those days
  8. best thing i ever did was pop 5 rolls in one night

  9. I can't believe we have people like this, no offense but the best thing you ever did was eat some drugs?

    I think I see why drugs are illegal.
  10. The best thing I ever did is start smokin' bud. ;)
  11. I hope you don't mind me moving this, Palmer. I'm hoping for a bit more maturity in this forum.

    Of course, I've been hoping for that in the entire City. :rolleyes:
  12. since no one else knows how to respond i'll take a stab.

    to me the thing that i think of when looking back on childhood adventure is about fourth grade. recess. playing football. pickin teams and all that shit and beating the hell out of each other hahah. But one day in particular these little puffball mushrooms were coming up everywhere

    someone obviously got the idea to start whipping them at ppl which were leaving welts and making a snapping noise. so a football turned into a full blown mushroom-throwing battle in a matter of minutes and it was complete chaos at the time. (Of course at the time it felt like a war from your perspective but from anyone else you look like a retard) But that's the beauty in childhood and the beauty in what this thread was suppoosed to be about. Peace.
  13. Id have to say back in my hockey days, when i was like 13 or 14, scoring the winning goal in overtime in the championship game of the memorial day tourny.
  14. I made a person once.
  15. So way back in the day.. When I was in fourth maybe fifth grade we used to have these army wars in the woods behind my house. It was always like five on five or something to that effect. Well, my team used to always lose because we would try to divide and conquer and it never seemed to work. Well, me and this other kid came up with the idea to dig up a trench and get the other team to chase a few of us and get them to turn into it. It worked and we won for the first time ever. It was awesome. Probably the best childhood memory every.
  16. excellent, those were the stories I was hoping for. Its strange how those childhood war and sports games turn into some of our favorite memories, at least for us guys. This thread was very inspired by some recent reading of Calvin & Hobbes, they alway were a good depiction of my idealized childhood.

    thats a hard one to top ;)
  17. All that comes to mind is when I was on a tournament paintball team. It was the end of the day and we were all getting tired. We had won all of our games up until now, and we only faced about two real opponents.

    I'm shooting my E-mag thats decked out with RPG gear and X-mod firmware. I easily had teh fastest shooting gun on teh field that day.

    I remember this one game, it ended up being me and one of my teammates vs three other guys (games were 5v5).

    It was about 2 minutes into the game, and I just realized that we were outnumbered. there was a guy in the snake (a low bunker that requires you to crawl or kneel to take cover), one playing back center, and another in a durrito somewhere somewhere between teh snake guy and the back player.

    After about 2 more minutes of exchanging fire (wasting paint = wasting money), I got bored and decided to take car of the asshole in MY snake.

    So I run and slide into the first knuckle. I wasn't hit and I dont think anyone knew I was there- I couldn't hear or feel anything being shot on the bunker. I snapped out of the side of the bunker, firing as I went, and saw that the second knuckle was empty. I slithered around and got up to the second knuckle. I snapped around the corner and fired another volley. Always shoot first and ask questions later. ALWAYS. Turns out there was somebody around the corner and I had peppered them with paintballs.

    The guy walking back to his team's net would probably alerted the other two live players that I was in the snake, so I fucking bolted. I bunkered the first poor jerk, and didn't stop until I was in the corner most bunker of the field. I snapped around and eliminated the other player, winning the game and securing our 2nd place slot in the tournament.

    The high I get from paintball used to be awesome.
  18. we had a fort on a small island in a large frog pond
  19. I'd say the best thing I ever did as a kid was going down a huge hill in my neighborhood on my bike. Basically, my house was on top of one HUGE hill, and then at the top of another hill. My whole backyard was a hill too. Anyways, I went down my backyard's hill all offroad style, then I pushed my bike up to the really huge hill. My brother and I then got ready to go down, and we FLEW down the hill. I don't even think I used my brakes. We were going at least 40-50 MPH, which is hella fast on a bike. After I was done I was surprised I didn't die or something.
  20. deffinately my best memory as a kid were the annual football games me and my friends would have every sunday morning before the NFL games started

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