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Best thing to mix with Jack Daniel's

Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. haha my dad gave me some of his Jack Daniels to take back to campus(he can be a pretty chill dad some times). He drinks about 2-3 glasses of jack and 1 coors light or 2 a night so there is always alot of JD if needed. I have this much jack daniels left. I drank some it straight last night, I hate jack straight and also dont like jack+coke so much, so whats the best thing to mix what I have left to taste good. Like orange juice goes well with vodka :smoking::smoking:

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  2. i prefer just ice for jack daniels
    i don't think whiskey mixes too well with many things coke would probably be the best, but since you don't like that i'd try another type of soda. i've used like raspberry iced tea and that's not bad but doesn't mask the taste to well. energy drinks are pretty bangin with it if your into that shit, or you could just get like whiskey sour mixer
    i love jack daniels
  3. Whatever you do, don't forget the apostrophe, and don't forget the NUMBER:

    Oh, what to mix with it?? How about water? Or just drink it straight.
  4. coke -- the easy way

    i'd prefer my jack straight. how i like all my men :D

    johnny too
  5. yeah dude, I got to say, if you don't like drinking jack straight, or at least drinking it with coke you should not drink it at all. Jack Daniels is my favorite liquor and I love it just on ice.

  6. hmmm energy drinks might try that. what types?
  7. I don't really like it mixed w/ anything. Put it in a glass w/ some ice and chase it with some coke if needed
  8. lost hopes and dreams...:smoking:
  9. Vernors is the BEST. Can't get it unless you're in Michigan though, bitches.
  10. Mix it up with some ice.

    not frozen water, methamphetamine. Very alleviating high.
  11. i tried it monster and that was really good, but that shits really sugary i kind of lost the taste for it, red bull would probably good like a liquid cocaine only better cause its jack and not vodka
  12. i used to mix vodka with cordial hahah
  13. yeah dude you shouldn't be drinking jack if you dont like it straight or with coke, but i guess you can try ginger ale
  14. Ohhh snap...

    Whiskey and coke all the way man.... It's either that - or straight up shots.
  15. The best thing to mix with Jack Daniel's is more Jack Daniels.
  16. I dont normally drink jack, I stick to beer and drink vodka some times. I asked my dad for some to take back to campus incase I couldnt find any other drinks :smoking:
  17. Fuck yeah!! Strait out the motha fuckin bottle
  18. Motherfucker, I was gonna say that!
  19. Straight up double measure of jack, don't pussy around with mixers. Damn.

    Jack Daniels is there to be enjoyed, not fucked up the ass with soda pops.
  20. Go with the classics; with coke or on the rocks.

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