best thing to do while stoned..

Discussion in 'General' started by Gamefreak701, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. got a question for you guys and gals.:)

    well my girlfriend wants to try smoking weed. she's takin a little puff off of a joint before but nothing to get later today shes coming over and we are gonna blaze.

    for me I could smoke up and just chill watching a movie and im cool with that. but this is her first time getting high and I need to know some ideas of what we can do where she will realize she's stoned.

    so what are some things to do and being high really impacts it?

    thanks and I hope you understand what im saying..hehe :smoking:

  2. i do the same thing when im not high, except maybe my appitite is larger..

    order pizza and fuck her
  3. High sex is definitely fuck her
  4. I suggest keeping her indoors, mainly to try and avoid giving her any paranoia. Aside from that, put on some trippy music perhaps - listening to music while high really is an experience to go through once at least. Try to get something with interesting visuals while the music plays too if you can hook it up to good speakers; like the iTunes ones I think?

    One of my favorite things to do is look over famous paintings that are rather twisted or bizarre. If you have posters of such it would be perferable; and example is 'Garden of Earthly Delights' (which will have you staring at it for -hours- trying to find all the fucked up shit in there, like a guy with a flower growing out of his ass.)
  5. sweet, thanks for the replies.

    as nice as it would be, I doubt we will be having any sex. lol.

    Can you suggest any bands Desert_toker?

    thanks :D
  6. No fucking? Damn....ok just watch a funny stoner movie like Grandmas Boy.

  7. LMAO- thats too much haha. Nice one. Id definately keep it indoors, seeing as its her first time. Just go with the flow, hell ask her what she wants to do, shes not going to be THAT blizted outta her mind, then again she might be....:bongin: have fun!
  8. Get baked and just chill wit her, watch a funny movie or some shit haha.

    YAY, i love Canadians :D
  9. bread, where area are you froM? curious

    but my favorite things to do while stoned

    bone chicks.
    play video games
    smoke more weed
    bone more chicks
    beatin the meat never lets me down for a fun thing to do either lol.
  10. SHES gonna be exausted from the first high .. probly staying in the air condition stoned as fuck w/ some good tv / movie would be nice then take her out to lunch
  11. Oooo, well lets see here, depends on how complicated you wanna get. I -love- listening to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album. Nice and complex and would make your stoned mind go 'whoa'.

    Oddly enough, my friend suggests Nirvana's Unplugged album; said it was the first thing she heard when she was stoned and she -loved- it ever since.

    I suggest something mellow and complex though, I'm a big fan of classical funk songs or just songs of the 60s and 70s since, well, everyone was blazin' :D Curtis Mayfield's Superfly, Otis Reding, or heck, even Isaac Hayes' Black Moses.

    If you want something new and experimental, I've been pimping out this group called TV on the Radio. Try listening to 'Staring At The Sun' and 'Wrong Way'. Warning though, while being stoned made me appreciate them oh so much more, my friend was very disturbed by the distortion from 'Wrong Way', said it messed with her. So be ready to quickly change CDs or MP3s if she starts feeling uncomfortable.

    If you want a mix though, I strongly suggest Fantasia, both the old and the new one. I know, I know, Disney isn't exactly the best thing right about now; but the way the music connects with the bright pictures can be rather wonderful, and if she gets bored with watching it, you can just leave the music in the background.
  12. oh wow, thanks for the great advice Desert_toker.

    +rep :)
  13. Pink Floyd. Amazing band when you're high (and when you're sober). The Wall album preferably.

    Don't get her too high. I got a friend's girlfriend high at a party last weekend and she managed to clear a single bowl and was tripping out and freaking.

    Pace her, she will DEFINATLEY not be able to keep up to you. let her smoke a little, wait a min or two, a little more, another min or two, a little more. You get the idea? You don't want it to hit her all at once.
  14. alright I will do that Rasta, thanks :D
  15. Oh sweet! I get a +rep?! Cool! ...What's a +rep? Do I get weed out of it? Cause I could really use some right about now...
  16. Listen to Dark Side of the Moon all the way through.
  17. Im going with rasta on this one.

    Get her baked, turn on the wall, either the movie, or the album, and listen to the WHOLE cd, but if not, at least listen to comfortably numb(my favorite song of ALLL TIME)
  18. The Chemical Brothers do all of my favorite stoner music.

    And as for high sex...I would never try to bone a chick while high...Thats because (No sugarcoating here, I'll be brutally honest) I cant keep an erection when Im high. Im thinking about sex, and I wanna have sex, but my mind and my body just arent int he proper sync to make it happen :(

    Ah, the truth comes out. Predator1 has Cannabis ED :rolleyes:
  19. I would have to say....stay indoors and watch a movie..maybe play some tippy music for her...
  20. these have probably already been mentioned but to to reiterate, all the sensations/emotions will be enhanced, especially on the first time

    - food. get some food she likes, pizza, icecream, oreos or even less junkie foods like pasta, BBQ or whatever it is, it'll be 10 times better high

    - get a funny movie. everything is 10x funnier high

    - wear some cologne or burn some incense. smells are 10x better high. (you guys ever get so high that you just smell your burger for a few seconds before you bite it? yeah you know what i'm talkin about :D)

    - kiss her/touch her, etc.


    things NOT to do:

    - watch a scary movie

    - go to a loud crowded area

    - go on a rollercoaster

    - operate heavy machinery

    - do math, etc.

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