Best thing to do in WoW when high

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  1. I play a druid, usually in cat form. One night, I was hunting some gazelle like animals in Nagrand or something. I ended up turning off the interface, and just hunting these stupid little things for fun, because I was so high. I felt like I was actually a predatory cat hunting prey. I ran from the giant kodo-looking things, because even though I could slaughter them, I know a cat would not actually attack that thing. I gave the birds dirty looks. I think I even went and laid next to a tree for a while because I was getting tired of hunting. I think this would have been a lot of fun in the barrens, where there are zebras and such.

    Does anyone else have some cool things to do while playing WoW high?
  2. I like to get into my helicopter mount and fly around and just look at things. I don't do very well if I try questing or raiding or arena or anything like that. lol
  3. I used to be on a hunter and run to Northshire (human starting area) and tame a level 1 wolf and name him GreyWolf or w/e is closest to the mob's real name.

    Then go a ways away and stand behind a tree, Eyes of the Beast, and walk around near the newbies and wait for them to attack and get flagged, at which point I'd squish them with my tauren!

    don't know if it works anymore, I think I recall them making changes to prevent it
  4. archaeology seems to go fast when im stoned

    pvp is fun

    because rogues are fucking monsters

    Backstab crits for 30k ambush crits for 40k



    did some raids these past 2 nights with like no experience and half ass blues but was topping the charts @ like 20k ish

    beastmode son!
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    This is why I quit why ( not you ), but just how easy it has become.

  6. Well I am no raiding slouch I raided hardcore since Vanilla.

    So when I say "walked in with no experience"

    Well, thats just because I am a badass at the game

  7. Log off WoW, lol
  8. Log off GC, lol.

  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    last comment
    Your badass at a game where an 8 year old can be one of the best players in the game? lawl

    You could be badass in Vanilla and BC, but now its just ridiculous how easy it is. I quit wow for 5 months before cata came out, so I could restart with Cata because blizz hyped it up to be so epic. At first it was cool, but when I hit 85 I realized it was just WOTLK reskinned to look more "fiery" lol.
    The gameplay went from very hard ( vanilla ) -> hard (BC)->medium(wotlk)---> LOLZEZYMODELOLZZZZZ (cata)
  11. Get you a grinder full of green, a nice pipe, and a cold soda. Go bird form, and go to Uldum, and farm about 1000 whiptail. Takes an hour or so if you're good. Not only is ganking herbs from non Tauren Druids like a little minigame, if you have an Alchemist or better yet Inscriptionist you make mad bank.
  12. could you guys take me a little more seriously? geez

    its easier now also in part because its 10 and 25 man raids not 40
  13. I usually just sit in the city and que for dungeons haha.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Thread sums up WoW players :smoke:
  16. i really enjoyed the first couple months of cata but then realized it was the same shit. The raids were actually pretty fun i thought. hunters were OP and raiding high was ungodly. i would totally get in the zone and just massacre the other dps

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