Best thing for growing that I can buy with $8

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NebDro, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I know it sounds really stupid, but I am really devoted to growing my own herb, and I have $8 left on my pre paid visa card, and I was wondering what the most productive thing I could buy for growing would be...So what is it?

    PS: I already have two 26w 6500k lights and no 2700k lights, and I also have a digital timer, and grow box (Doing a stealth grow) or soil or anything...thanks city! :D :hello:
  2. A ph tester. You can get one for fresh water aquariums for $4 at Walmart or Petsmart. The range of the tester is 6.0-7.8. :wave:

  3. Thanks! I appreciate it! This will be my first grow, and I'm trying to get everything perfect...

  4. you can also get a little moisture meter so you don't have to stick you finger in the soil.

    They are like a dollar on ebay.

  5. The pre-paid visa card off-topic but did you have to register your social security number in-order to use it? If you didn't then what type of pre-paid visa card was it?

  6. ^ si senor ;)... lmao jk jk jk
  7. No doubt. I just finished my first grow and the one thing I found out is that PH is everything, at least to me. Check the ph of the water and balance it before ANY watering. I would also check the runoff to make sure your soil is correct. I found that the nutes I used turned my tapwater acidic and almost killed my plants. Don't worry about perfection because as some Japanese guy once said "When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target." :smoke:
  8. I would buy a fan -- you can at least get a working fan for $8, a decent pH meter will cost much more than that.

    What does doing a stealth grow have to do with not having a grow box?
  9. Hi Jack! Nice hijack :rolleyes:

    It is incredibly easy to start your very own thread at GC that features your very own question, without detracting attention from the question someone else asked in their very own thread.
  10. the best thing you could buy is a seed. genetics are everything all i grow is white widow. also soil based medium kicks ass for flavour IMO so u could buy some compost / perlite for that or a litre of IONICS soil bloom or bud boost (hydro use also) £7.50. or go round your local dealer an he may take pity on you an kick your ass out the door with a 10 bag tell yo not to cum bk wi nuttin less than a fiddy ok. u asked buddy
  11. Used growbook or garden problem solver book off ebay.

  12. A bag of awesome soil.

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