Best THC Oil Vape Cartridges For 2018 in California

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Towelie2.0, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. I used to smoke 4-5 blunts a day before these THC oil vape cartridges. I then transitioned into dabbing which was too strong. I finally switched to vaping THC oil cartridges which is what I primary do now. After trying about 30 different THC oil vape cartridges this year I decided to make an informative well research list of the best THC oil vape cartridges in 2018.

    What are you vaping on? Have you made the switch yet to these convenient THC oil vape cartridges?
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  2. how can a ky boy get em'?
  3. Ive reached out to vape cartridge companies and asked them to send them to me in the mail successfully in exchange for reviewing them. Of course, I do live in California so it was easy for them to send it to me in the mail. Other than that your only option I am afraid is the black market. But I wouldn't recommend the black market because of counterfeit issues going on right now. Its best to wait or visit a legal state.
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  4. cool list. Im jealous that you have such easy access to pens!
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  5. I've been using mostly vape cartridges for the past 3 years. Most of them are overpriced garbage. Standard production is to extract cannabinoids from old trim, from many different grows, which they buy very cheaply from farms, and distill into pure cannabinoids. Then to make, for example, "blue dream," they add botanical terpenes with a profile that is like blue dream. This stuff is very inexpensive to produce and should be selling for half of what they are charging consumers.
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  6. Got to try those Pax Era Pods bud, Guild Extracts knows what they’re doing.

    Also surprised not to see Kurvanas ASCND like not mentioned
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  7. Brass Knuckles, Heavy Hitters, Anesthesia Farms, Kingpen are all great brands!!
  8. I have only tried four brands of vape carts. One was I believe a store brand called Apothekare which included a battery, charger, and 1/2 gram vape cart. Not bad for less than $40. Other brands I have tried are Happy Sticks, Stick E vape, and California Dab Company. No real complaints with any of them.
  9. I've just started to vape thc oils and some of my oils are thicker and darker than some other ones and it's the same strain. A friend told me that the darker ones aren't as clean as the lighter ones is this true?

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