Best thabksgiving ever!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 2Stond4UserName, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. My little bro invited his Gf and she has been trying to get on my good side, AND she made me pot brownies this morning!!! And gave me the FULL pan! AND! She put 5 grams in those bitches! AND! I have been dry for like 3 weeks!!!! Best little bros Gf ever and thanksgivin :)
  2. Nothing better than a generous person trying to get on your good side. You're fucked after that three week t-break. Be careful lol
  3. doooope! be thankful someone cares what you think about em! happy thanksgiving!!!!!
  4. I'm having a good Thhabksgiiving, too! LOL @ the typo in tha title

  5. texas trill shit.
  6. She wants your dick, this will end up like one of those porn vids where you start fucking her and your bro jacks off to it then you both double team her and nut in her ears.
  7. he speaks truth... no seriously though it sounds like shes only with him to get closer to you, your probably her real target ask your bro how its going because she seems a little to friendly. i doubt she made you 5 gram brownies and expects NOTHING in return. this is ofcourse a new yorkers take on your situation.

    summary. op's little bro's gf wants his dick.
  8. yea, when she breaks up with your little bro, expect her to want to touch your penis
  9. lol. Not, to want to touch, BUT expect her to touch your penis.

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