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  1. What is the best temperature to grow indoors?
  2. That's literally like asking which is the best flavor of ice cream..........totally depends on person and their grow set up, experience, etc....personal preference..........just my .02
  3. I don't totally agree with your answer. High temps can burn the leaves and low temps can kill the plant. I was wondering where everyone's happy medium would sit. Just wondering.
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  4. Ohhh yeah...there is a range people will mostly agree with....I thought you were looking for like "76.4"
  5. 35 F to 120 F or anything in-between for outside
    Most inside growers run in the high 70s to mid 80s. Should feel like a tropical day.
    Depends on air turnover and humidity.

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  6. which is the correct answer btw.
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  7. 70 - 85 °F , 20 - 30 °C. Will have a hard time surviving under 70F/20C but will thrive in temps up to 95F/35C. However it is not advised to keep it that hot without CO2 enrichment and a very ventilated space. Trichome production also decreases when the temps reach over 30C/85F in flower.
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