Best temp for reservoir water?

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  1. Whats the best temperature to keep my reservoir water at?
  2. like 63f is the best but anything below 70f is great as long as you got a good air pump
  3. i usually run my ebb n flo at 72-75f and it seems to do fine(any lower and it would be to much work)

  4. 63 is really fucking cold. You won't have any issues with pythium at that temperature, but you kind of dip off the amount of dissolved oxygen too.

    I run low 70s. I don't ever see issues until 75+. Even then, a certain amount of algae growth is acceptable. I run a vertical RDWC, and I had algae growth in the bottom of my tubes. I didn't see any issues with my roots or anything, but there was algae. I think you'll find a happy medium of an acceptable amount of algae, but that's just me.

    If you do get problems, you can try things like AquaShield or Hygrozyme. They are basically bacteria that overpower the stuff that would grow in your res and cause problems. I started using aquashield just recently, and I'm hoping it'll help out!
  5. My reservoir is usually at about 72 degrees.
    I was just trying to figure out weather i should invest in a water chiller or not.
  6. Unless you just have the extra cheddar to burn, a res temp of 72 is fine. I'm keeping mine around 72-73 with the ol' frozen water bottle rotation. If I don't it gets up to around 74-75 during the day. If I continue in the hydro scene I will upgrade my grows and will likely invest in a comparable chiller....I'd run mine in the mid 60's right now if I could....
  7. With the frozen bottle technique, do you just throw the entire bottle including plastic inside your res? Or what? How are you supposed to "freeze" a bottle of water and put it in your reservoir?
  8. I actually throw like 2-3 frozen bottles at a time in my 5 gal res. Considering it's supporting 25 gallons of water, it doesn't take long for it to go back to room temp. I just keep a rotating stock of like 8 of those 16-20oz water bottles in the freezer.

    I just keep the water bottles sealed as they come off the store shelf. Less chance of them leaking out. Since I use RO water, I don't need to have "sparking water" leaking into my setup, throwing off my pH and contaminating my res with who knows what..... :rolleyes:
  9. Oh wow...
    Wellllll im running a 55 GAL res.. lol not a 5 gal.
    Sooo i assume it would be VERY hard for me to cool it using that method, huh?

    By the way, do the bottles float or sink?
  10. For a 55gal you would want a chiller for sure. I'm not running a grow op in my home, just for personal use so a 55gal would be overkill. FWIW, my 25 gal system is growing 11 plants just fine ;)
  11. Well i know that IF i needed to chill the water, i would need to use a chiller.
    However, THATS the question. DO i need to chill the water? Its at 73.
    Chillers are spendy, but if its gonna avoid issues and help things, ill do it.
  12. If I was running a grow that utilized a 55gal res and my temps were 73F then I would probably invest in a chiller. I'm assuming with a res of that size, you're probably conducting a commercial operation? Would hate to lose my crop due to root rot, flies, algae, etc....all of which can be avoided fairly easily with water in the low-mid 60's.
  13. I suggest you consult "The Bible".

    For hydroponics the optimum temp for the soup is between 60 and 65 deg F.

    Cold water holds more oxygen, so the plant can metabolize more nutes.

    Don't believe me? READ THE BOOK.
  14. [quote name='"ohspyro89"']

    63 is really fucking cold. You won't have any issues with pythium at that temperature, but you kind of dip off the amount of dissolved oxygen too. [/quote]

    This is not true. The higher the temperature of the water the lower the Dissolved Oxygen content will be. One reason you want to keep the solution temperature under 72 is to maintain enough DO in the solution. There is 15% less dissolved oxygen in 73 degree water than 65 degree water, and that can make a big difference to plant health.

    With a reservoir of that size I recommend a chiller. 1/4hp should be able to keep things low enough but a 1/2hp would guarantee ease in controlling the temps.
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    Wait for the "beneficial bacteria, H2O2 additive" clowns to start posting.

    Notice how they rewrite the laws of physics.

  16. Ha, you're right. I don't know where I picked up that info.

    I think what is more important in the whole temp vs DO comparison, is that you don't really NEED that extra oxygen to grow plants. Also, making a ton of tiny bubbles isn't directly related to more DO. A single bubbling hose can put out enough DO for a plant to survive.

    I run a RDWC and my res temps are in the low 80s. They have been since I've started running the system. I don't have any problems with algae. There IS some algae, but it's definitely not doing any damage to my plants. I don't run air stones either. I just rely on moving water to introduce more DO to my plants.

    OP, I'd say if you aren't getting algae, don't waste your money. If you make sure you have to light leaks into your res, you'll be absolutely fine.
  17. Aside from algae, a large concern would be root rot, and cooler water will just about nix that concern if you're running your res in the low 60's. Also it will help alleviate white flies.
  18. Well so far, ive seen NO algae, or anything like that..
    My res is on the outside of my room, so its not exposed to intense light.
    Just the fluorescent light from the lights in the room its in, which is minimal.

    Ive heard plants grow faster/better with temps in the low 70s, but if it gets too high youre risking problems. So as long as i dont have problems, i should be ok right? Also, im using a 17w commercial airpump and 8" airdisc to aerate the water, which should also help right?

    However, i DO worry about root rot.. Will 72-73 really cause root rot?
    I definitely dont want that to happen.. But chillers are expensive as hell.
  19. I to have had problems with water temp in my clone room. I think im going to try the bottle rotation idea. current temps are in the upper 70s, hope to bring them down with just rotating bottles. maybe later get a small chiller. I have clones in a clone machine(auroponics) and in a dome. The dome I have has a heating mat. Just wondering why the dome requires heat and the clone machine requires cooling?
  20. "But chillers are expensive as hell."

    They don't seem so when you lose two months worth of crop.

    If you are seriously into hydro, you need to control the soup temp.

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