"Best" technique for higher yield?

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  1. Good afternoon everyone! I have.....

    - 3 600w HPS lamps for flower and up to 3 600w MH for veg. Lamps (the actual bulb itself) can get to a height of 7.6 feet in this room

    - 550 SQ foot grow space in which I have a 10 plant limit. (FYI in terms of actual space, 8-10 6 foot tall ladies has been roomy with fans, ballasts, humidifier, dehumidifier, and carbon filters etc)

    - As much time that's needed for veg and flower

    Questions -

    - With the setup above and time not being a factor, how do I get the most yield per grow (not per year or whatever) for whatever particular genetics I'm growing at the time? Do I keep going with a traditional vertical grow (not SOG) and longer veg time than 4-5 weeks? If so, do I top the plants a half dozen or more times in veg so the plant doesn't grow to be 7 feet tall and gets super bushy with more tops?? OR

    - Should I do a SCROG as opposed to a traditional vertical grow? If so, why? Is it known in the "growing community" that SCROGS offer more yield than the traditional vertical grows in soil, assuming all other variables are equal? (number of plants, genetics, lights, space, nutes, the grower etc?) Or do traditional vertical soil grows using staking techniques and trimming undergrowth etc. yield just as much with all things being equal?

    Not interested in running a SOG at the moment.

    Thanks for the help all!
  2. Soooooo what's your deal? Looking to cash in on the commercial cannabis industry?
  3. Not sure I follow. I've always heard part of being a good grower is the ability to get the best quality and most yield out of whatever genetics you're growing and the footprint you have to work with.. Not the case? My bad.
  4. You gonna answer the question.
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  5. well i run 2 600 watt hps during flower and 2 600 mh for the first 30 days of veg and flip at day 40 thats is for 2 plants 1 under each lamp in 10 gallons of soil and average 1 pound per plant vertical with stakes tops about the 60 inch mark and light around 6 ft 6 mark i am sure i could get 3 or more pounds in that space but 2 plants are good enough for me you could do 6 with that setup and get 5 pounds easy
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  6. Best yield per grow will be with as many plants as you can stick under a scrog with as many tops as you can produce. 600w hos lamps don't penetrate the canopy all that well, so you will want to maximize the plants by growing the tops as uniformly as possible and packed in as tight as you can get them.

    Of course the grow medium has a lot to do with yield too. If you grow in an inert medium where you can pump the plants full of nutrients with each watering, like rockwool, you will get much more weight than you would with soil or coco. And DWC makes some REALLY HEAVY plants, but its very finicky. Rockwool is pretty forgiving.
  7. You want your canopy as packed as it gets. received_10154477629853611.jpeg.jpg
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  8. You a cop or something? Why would you possibly care what industry I do or don't want to "cash in on" whatever the hell that means. I asked a specific question that everyone else who answered seemed to understand and respond to. You? Not so much.
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  9. Ignore that sweedright guy. Dudes just a troll.
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  10. I PM'd you. Thanks man!
  11. Pretty sure he's a narc. Staying away.
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  12. I've had the guy on my "ignore" list for months now. He's extremely childish. I wouldn't worry about narcs or cops on here. No cop in his right mind is going to bust some dude with 3 600 watt grow lights and a handful of plants.
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  13. Did he say he was doing a black market cannabis grow and he will be selling it on the black market ?
    All we know he is all legal and growing tomatoes .
    To answer the poster question. turn two of those mh bulbs into more hps. so 5 hps and one mh bulb in the flower room . The mh bulb should be in the middle of the plants it does not have to be super strong just more ybe present . No reflector is needed just hang it . This will give you more yields and higher quality . Not the answer your looking for ? Well it the best one . Buy something like a super skunk or big bud for a monster yield
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    for the sake of your 10 plant limit Id grow autoflowers perhaps a standard skunk, my first commercial was a large shortstuff auto, done complete in 2-3 MONTHS(ed), completing an entire grow every 2-3 weeks can mount up to a serious volume after 28 weeks, 1 fiscal period, left on 18/6 the full term they soon adapt, using all organic makes the weed most tasty

    good luck
  15. DWC grower
    I mainly clone, sativa strain they have establish roots.
    At 4 weeks I top and flip plus they go into the first tier of trellis netting .
    14 week flowering time.
    HLG LED lighting and some programmable 5 channel LED lighting I assembled Far red and photo red LEDs
    UV-B supplement lighting last 10 days before harvest. The idea is to burn the plants.
    Sativa burns easier the indica.
    I have played with UV-C lighting .
    I use Aqua Canna bottled nutrients and variety of bottled minerals.
    Nutrient Photo meter, Commercial RO system.
    Chillers and fans.
    Online/on Campus Horticulture class.
    Retired but did work on a commercial farm. seedling/cloning section.
  16. He is no cop
  17. LED averages a gram per watt EASY.
    With HPS or M/H you need a couple feet between the top of the plant light .
  18. Hahaha! I'm kidding. I know he's not a cop. Just busting the clowns balls is all.
  19. Well it's been quite the amusing exchange now hasn't it? @Bill707 @Be Water full of name calling and everything. Sounds like poor bill still needs a hug....and Mr. water, you want to call someone a name, do it to their face.
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