Best tape to repair bong?

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  1. So we were hitting the bong last night and I noticed I had a decent sized crack on the bottom of my bong! I know I've knocked it around a touch but I keep it in bubble wrap so I figured id be ok. Anyways, what kind of tape should I use to tape up the bottom? The crack is in the beaker base and it doesn't leak real bad but I think it definately does let a bit out. Duct tape would be the obvious first choice but do you guys think hockey tape would work? The cloth tape, not the sock tape. What do you guys think?
  2. I cant think of any other tape besides duct tape lol....

    Duct tape fixes everything.
  3. I would go with mighty putty.

    Billy Mays with another fantastic product!!
  4. tyvek house wrap tape is the shit!
  5. Looking for something relatively easy to obtain. If I have to go out and get something I'll just get some sealant or whatever it's called but I was thinking some
    Tape around the bottom=happy tokes
  6. i just use duct tape or super glue
  7. lmao you're gonna tape a bong? that won't look shitty.
  8. Hot glue or duct tape, or buy a brand new bong

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