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Best synthetic urine ?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by You6know6how6itgo, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. What's the best synthetic urine ?

    Have you passed lab tests with it?

    How much is it ?

    Need for a pre employment test.

    Maybe teach me how to use it ?
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    Many, many tests. Make sure you get the right kind for the state you are in. Just read through their website for more info.
    Best and quickest method by far is as follows:
    Buy tight underarmor spandex boxers and a pretty small digital thermometer - shouldn't be hard to find.
    Heat up the quick fix for 10 seconds (or whatever it says on the box) and then take it out of the microwave. 
    It comes with a small heating pad that easily wraps around the container with a rubber band (included w/ QF).
    Put your boxers on, wear jeans or whatever, and put the QuickFix right up against your inner thigh (pretty snug fit). 
    Also put the thermometer with it. The boxers I have are really tight so you can't see anything at all.
    Once you get to the place they have you empty your pockets. Don't worry if you have to wait 20-30 minutes, the QuickFix will stay warm with your body heat + the heating pad for at least a few hours.
    Once you get in the bathroom, take a leek really quick. After that take out your QuickFix and test the temp. Don't pour it out yet!! If the temp is too hot you need to cool it down (still in the bottle) under the sink with cool water. Just a little.
    By the time the QF leaves the bottle I always have it at exactly 98.8 degrees. 
    Just a tip, most digital thermometers beep when they are done, so test it before hand and stop it just a second or two before it goes off, shouldn't be hard to test.
    I tried to be very specific because if you follow this there is absolutely no way you should fail, and honestly, that ^ only takes 5 minutes to prepare.
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  3. so will this for sure work for a drug test at a hospital? The one they are using is the instant or like 5 mins result one. They will only send it if the results come back inconclusive, so should I worry?

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