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Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, May 3, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering what in your opinion are the best supplements out there for lifting? Last time i was lifting I used creatine, protein and glutamine...just wondering what you guys think.

  2. Shit man hold on ill ask my bro. He goes to gnc all the time an shit.

    EDIT: He's asleep Ill pm you later
  3. cool thanks
  4. steroids work pretty well :smoke:

    i cannot remember what it is called, but my friend had this supplement that is a low grade steroid meaning you wont get all the side effects of full dosed steroids but can still bulk up quick. the next time i see him i will ask for you
  5. I wouldn't recommend too much Creatine as there isn't a significant amount of research that has been done on long-term side effects. I know it is a natural occuring substance but it is VERY concentrated when you take it as a supplement. My recommendation is just buy a good protein shake like Optimum 100% Whey Protein and make sure you get about 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight depending on how much you are lifting.

    (Note: this is all for if you're just lifting for personal gain/appearance, if you are lifting for competitions etc. then there are completely different guidelines that you should go by)

    EDIT: steroids REALLY aren't worth the trouble they can (read: will) cause.
  6. i would not reccomend roids to anyone under the age of 27. I have a friend who really knows this shit as 99.9 percent of the people he works with do them,and he is a military medic. i was wanting to bulk up real fast and considered this but he would not let me as a friend he said there would be some damage. Whatever you do just be careful, anything in moderation. I say smoke more and eat more. Makes sence to me :D JOE>
  7. The other day when I tried the cocaine brainwave stimulation dose, I had all this energy, so i worked out.
    Yeah its not a supplement, big whoop, wanna fight aboutit?
  8. buy some ATP stuff's the shit, its mostly creatine
  9. I already eat a shitload of food as it is, if i were to sit on the couch and eat all day, i dont gain any i have to lift to gain any weight
  10. eat lots of meat and protein, and i used creatine....comes from fish i believe....seems safe enough? expensive and sucks when you get off it though....
  11. i love how everyone freaks out just at the mention of steroids

    to each their own i suppose :)
  12. Most people in the west get way more protein than they need. To add stress to yourself WILL increase your amino acid requirement HOWEVER you probably won't need it until you're lifting VERY heavy weights (I dunno what you're lifting though so no generalisation here). Chances are that if you spend your hard earned cash on the protein shakes it'll just get pissed out anyways.

    Carbs (I.e. Just plain food) are a good idea as when you're deficient in energy your body will break down (amongst other things) proteins in muscle to produce energy. But then again this depends on the amount of exercise you're doing- if a shit load then you're probably going to want to eat more.

    Steroids are linked with osteoporosis, immune defficiency and really REALLY small testicles... I wouldn't.
  13. Marijuna...period.
  14. First off do not take steroids. Seriously. Second don't bother with creatine. It basically causes the cells in your body to swell up with water and in the long run it can make you look sort of fat rather than built. To really build big muscle you need to get in at least 150g of protein per day. A really good method is a product called Muscle Milk. You take it before and after you work out 3 times a day I think. It came highly recommended to me. Last summer I weighed 285 lbs and today I way about 185-190. I've dropped all my extra weight and I am devoting this summer to building up muscle and finishing what I started a year ago.

    Good luck to you.
  15. thats a shitload of weight to drop
  16. i thought i was the only bodybuilder on here

    what works best is Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein, Cellmass (creatine), and a multi-vitamin. that is really all you need, and just eat a shitload of food and get alot of sleep
  17. I was getting strong pretty quickly with GNC protein shakes and smoking..then i stopped smoking for a while and did everything i used to and i stopped getting stronger!! Then I started smoking again and got stronger. It's wierd, but works for me haha.

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