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Best Subway Sandwich When Stoned

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DriftingShade, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone!  I'm just working a graveyard tonight, pretty bored but I do have a fairly smallish bowl that my friend donated to me before leaving.  Now, I'm planning on heading over to Subway just up the street a little bit later on tonight, and I was just wondering what everyone's favorite sandwiches were from Subway?  My personal absolute favorite is Chicken Bacon Ranch with some pepperjack cheese, veggies and salt and pepper...mmmmmm....
    So tell me guys, what do you recommend?  I don't try new sammies from there very often, mostly because I'm baked as shit half the time so I go straight for my favorite, so make it something awesome!

  2. Teriyaki chicken on whole wheat (toasted) with lettuce, tomatoes, and green peppers. 
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    Hmm I might have to check that one out I've never tried the Teriyaki Chicken before. =)
  4. Tuna, lettuce, bell peppers, a lot of olives, salt, pepper, and cucumbers on cheddar Jalapeno bread.
    Good even when you aren't medicated.
    Oh man that one sounds pretty damn good to.  My fiance always likes to get Tuna sandwiches but I haven't really given it a shot before.  Another good one to keep in mind, thank you friend.  =)
  6. BIG PHILLY CHEESESTEAK; Italian Herbs & Cheese bread; lettuce, olives
    mmm i luh meat 
  7. Italian BMT(BMT obviously stands for best-est most tastiest) with provolone cheese, sweet peppers, a little spinach,  some onions, more sweet peppers, light mayo and chipotle southwest sauce on italian herbs and cheese bread.
  8. im not sure if its the same condoments or what ever in canad but i ALWAYS get  itialen herb cold cut sandwhich, swiss cheese, black olives, red inion, a fuck load of lettus, pickles, saltnpepper all the sauces thhe i toast that motherfucker!
  9. Mine is kind of weird but i love it for munchies
    6 inch meatball marinara on jalapeno chedder with pepper jack cheese
    Add jalapenos
    Little bit of lettuce
    banana peppers
    and lite mayo
  10. gotta be the meatball. although I haven't eaten subway in a long time.
    sidenote: anyone notice how all subways have that smell that is just a little off? it makes you not wanna spend any more time in there than what is necessary. I even smell it when I go into walmart. I use the other entrance. lol
  11. I enjoy the meatball sandwich.
  12. i work at subway and the seafood double meat with tuna and hot chili sauce is the best, sometimes add meatballs for triple meat. add avacado and sometimes egg.
  13. I always get the oven chicken breast with wheat, lettuce, peppers, onions, jalapenos, and mayo and vinegar, but I had a bite of my boyfriend's Philly Steak, WINNER!!!
  14. 6 inch
    Bananas Peppers
    Chipotle sauce

  15. Meatball
    extra cheese
    sounds gross right? ALL of my friends said that and i made them take a bite, they now love it
  16. Look blades watchu know bout the blts we got... wit a extra hookup on da bacon, fresh out da oven son... I might just have to go grab one myself now. :bongin:
  17. Meatball marinara on Italian with spinach, onions, pepper-jack, jalapenos, and of course have that fucker toasted
  18. Italian BMT all the way

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