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  1. What is the best subscription box as far as price and what you get? I'm into cool gadgets and glass. I hardly ever roll joints so i'd like to know if there's a particular box that tends to have more unique items as opposed to a hundred packs of papers I'll never use. Also I don't dab so I have no use for dabbing accessories. So basically I'm asking which is the best subscription box for someone who likes glass and gadgets, doesn't need a lifetime supply of papers, and doesn't dab.
  2. It sounds like you and I think alike on this topic. I've looked into boxes myself, and it seems like they're all ripoffs that send you a shitload of papers and wraps, 2 stickers and a $5 glass pipe for $30 or so. I'd try a box that was exactly as you describe, no papers, no dabbing, so I'm watching this thread to see if there's anything out there.

    In the meantime, what I've done is taken $30 and gone to a headshop and also given myself a $30 budget and gone to a couple of online sites to see what I can get. Honestly, I think that's a better deal. For last month's 'box' I bought a 2.5" 4 piece metal grinder with a handle, Grav Labs 7" steamroller, and a Grav Labs glass blunt.
  3. I would definitely go with the toker pack. The best glass ive seen in a box and only 1-2 packs of papers each month. They've had TAG pieces a couple months

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  4. Go check out StrainCentral on youtube. He does a lot of unboxings and you can see what you like the most.
  5. Toker packs are the best example of shitty boxes at crazy prices. Sorry blade, don't take it personally, just saying these are pretty much the ones that rip you off. $20 of mediocre glass and a shitload of papers for $40.
  6. You obviously havent seen the recent packs then. They've had thick ass glass two or three times, and one to two packs of papers at most. Look at the January, February, and i believe its the april pack. One of the recent ones had a shitty piece but that's about it. You dont seem to know what your talking about

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  7. Or maybe I know what realistic prices for these things are. These boxes are a way for distributors to get rid of excess stock on the cheap. Looking at the past months as you advised, I see $50 for $20 pieces. Great deal! lol
  8. I have never once seen a thick ass glass piece go for $20

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  9. Fair enough. And also consider that it's a small 7" piece, not a fullsize rig. Everything is supply and demand, and if people don't want that piece or the manufacturer ends up making more than people want, they sit on the shelf of a shop and then get sent back to the distributor, or the distributor just doesn't move as many as was predicted. So now the distributor has cases of these things taking up valuable space in their warehouse. They'll go to their big retail customers and try to cut a deal, but since the item didn't do well or ran its course in a retail environment, they're not going to get rid of many of them that way.

    And this is where boxes come in. ALL boxes, not just these boxes. The distributor makes a deal with the box companies and out the door they all go. Because in a box, you're forced into a product. The distributor could sit on 1000 pieces that aren't selling in retail for $50, or they can sell them for $5 each to a box company, get $5000 and their even more valuable warehouse space back. While each box maker is different, they're all just aggregating the shit that isn't selling and the distributor is giving them cheap.

    Yes, occasionally you get a piece you like it and it may seem like it's all worth it. I still maintain that you get a better deal, with better pieces, if you take that same amount of $$ and go to a head shop online or in person, and buy what you like.
  10. I see what you mean, im just trying to say its a good price for what you get. In my experience most headshops around here buy China glass and sell it at ridiculous prices

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  11. Also it doesnt matter to me most people why their getting rid of it, just that its a quality piece

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  12. And that's how these boxes thrive. A lot of areas have bad local head shops. But if you can buy one of these boxes, you can also buy from online head shops and get way more choice.

    Do you subscribe to a box? If so, what do you do with the pieces that you don't want/need? It seems like pieces would just accumulate over time and not really get used, you know?
  13. I'm not saying you shouldn't want it because the distributor has a lot of them, I'm saying their value is greatly diminished because the distributor has a lot of them. If it's a piece you can use, then that month it's a good deal. If it's not a piece you want or can use, it's a bad deal.

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