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Best stuff to do while High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reefercakes, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. My favorite shit is sex, WoW, CSS and smokeing weed prolly
    Whats yours
  2. gotta agree with WoW, dude. i love that shit. what server you on? xD
    also, eating while high is good.... everything tastes so fuckin amazing. and watching tv or a movie or something is good too. but video games is prolly the best unless you get too lazy then you jus start dyin a lot.
  3. haha fuck playin a nerd game. Watching a scary movie with a hot high bitch next to you...
  4. I have to say listening to some music, gaming if im bored (oh hai wow and css too haha), chillin with my friends, smoking more, and eating.
  5. WoW, going to the aquarium, driving, music, and killing zombies on a big screen in a dark room on COD: World at War. Straight up.
  6. Nurb's got the right idea. :D

    and Feelin'Stoopid got the right idea too :D

  7. Right before I go to sleep like an hour and a half before sleep I love laying on my bed with friends (nohomo) and play music from my awesome system. It's soooooooo great. Just lay back lightly talk chill ugh sooo good!!!!!!
  8. Boulderfist and shattered halls horde
  9. listening to music is probably my favorite thing, nothing beats a great song and a great body high
  10. nice. horde ftw. my main is a 70 pally, only cuz i dont got wotlk so i cant get to 80 :(

    lol we should play sometime bro
  11. Fuck ya man:smoke: smokin, playing wow and on grasscity
  12. way too high to play it right now man i cant heal this instance, and if anyone wants to call me a nerd well...........Fuck You.
  13. rofl i feel you bro, i came home so high one night and hopped on WoW cuz i was bored and i couldnt heal for shit. but now i'm ret again so its a bit easier i guess lol
    WoW is sort of a nerd game... but if being a nerd means havin fun... then imma nerd :D
  14. I love listening to music, smoking more, eating, watching movies, concerts, conversing is awesome lol. So many candid conversations.
  15. get food and watch tv as i fall asleep

  16. Ya but over doing WoW is when it gets nerdy
  17. my favourite thing to do is set my bedwarmer to 3 so after about 30mins my duvet and mattress are nice and toasty get my moniter positioned right so i can watch a TV series called WEEDS go out in my brothers car and smoke joint after joint take a few plastic bong rips for around 20mins, then prey to god that my parents don't come into the kitchen until i'm gone and got a slice of all butter madeira cake get into my warm bed and watch WEEDS back to back, go back outside have a joint and ko in my now boiling bed :D
  18. Get a hair cut from a hot girl at the haircut place down the road from me
  19. lol, don't let out the secret~

    I'll usually get blazed as soon as I get out of work, get my haircut at this place down the road from my job(for whatever reason, it's only hot chicks that work there). Always a good way to start out your night.
  20. hell yeah! +rep cuz i love that shit!

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