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best strategy to quit cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by goldenbudz, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. I've smoked cigarettes as long as Ive smoked weed. I go thru about 20 cigs and .5-1g a day. i used to mix tobacco in with a joint (uk) and thats how i got hooked on the baccy. I dont mix the two anymore because the high is a lot better without tobacco but now i want to kick the tobacco for good. Ive tried so many times, can any ex cig smokers tell me how you quit?

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  2. Start buying the shittiest brands of smokes that they sell so you don't like them and only smoke if you're really itching for them bc hopefully the awful taste will help slowly cut down. Other than that only advice I have for you use sunflower seeds or gum gives you something to chew on seeds do more for me than gum. My friends dad used the buying shitty smokes method and it worked for a while. Lastly idk if you're into it but if you're really desperate there's a lot of study about hallucinations being able to get you to snap it you'd have to look into it more tho hope this somewhat helps

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  3. You have to smoke at a certain time at night and then a certain time in the morning. It makes the cigs taste like your ash tray. I vaped increasingly lower amounts of nic after.
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  4. Just turn your mindset into that which you hate it. Look dude, I hate cigs, I truly do. I personally view them as nothing more than a money waster, because you get a 5 seconds to a 3 minute tops buzz which ain't even worth anything in my opinion when marijuana is 100x better and lasts so much longer. Compared to MJ, cigs suck donkey dick. Then, once you get used to smoking cigs, they don't even do a damn thing to you, they just take your money and keep you at bay from being cranky. Seems like you got fucked over.

    Just learn to hate it if you don't already. Clearly, you must have some liking towards them, otherwise quitting wouldn't be so hard. I have smoked a few cigs and many blunts, I'll tell you this: I've never had the urge to smoke a cigarette, or blunt again. If anything, every time I try to smoke them again, it reminds me why I never touch them in the first place. They're pointless money wasters.
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  5. I started vaping e-juice. Definitely scratches that "itch" and tastes great.

    Not EXACTLY quitting, but my house doesn't smell like a cat shit fire anymore.
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  6. i have a love/hate relationship with them. I hate them but i love how social it is

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  7. Fidget spinners are social too. Don't tell me you got one of them too!!!! Come on, don't waste your money for the social aspect of it. You are accustomed now to how much you spend on it, but just think what you could do with the extra money if you quit entirely. No need to replace it with vaping. No, you can quit dude, and you can save yourself a lot of money, your wallet will thank you, and you can do more of what YOU Want to do.
  8. I gave up when my first child was born, your mindset is your biggest tool for giving up.
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  9. Society is always the biggest problem. Why does everybody gotta do what society dictates you to do, man?
  10. Very few will truly quit.
    Most will just take long breaks. Which is still good.
  11. Ok, if you have been a regular smoker, you need to devise a perfect strategy to quit smoking. This isn't quick; It is a gradual process. You need to have the patience for it:
    So, in the first step you need to decrease the number of times you smoke cigarettes. If it is thrice a day, make it twice. Then steadily, lessen down the occurrences. Keep an index of your record and list down two things on a different paper
    1. What do you like about cigarettes &
    2. Why quitting smoking cigarettes won't be easy.
    Now, this is the most crucial part. What to do when you get the craving during this abandoning
    there are a number of things you could do. Jot these down in a list as well: -

    You can go for a walk, drink loads of water, play with your dog, kiss your partner, get a tea or coffee (Keep your coffee decaf during this process), have sex, light a candle or practice any recreational activity. Make the copy of these lists and keep it handy with you.So that you can quickly have a glance when you run out of options.

    Remember, be in a happy go, cheerful mood when you start this. If you are already depressed or despondent then it will be tougher for you.
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  12. Wanna know the best way to stop smoking cigarettes?

    Don't start :)

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  13. try rolling your own tobacco to cut down at first....its a bitch having to roll every cig...

    its really not "better" but you can usually find a tobacco without so many chemicals like mass produced. Ive went back and forth but deff smoke less when rolling my own, and usually have what they call the "smoker flu" after making my own. Which really makes me wonder what all kinds of chems/trash Phillip morris puts into their tobacco sprayed sheets of paper.
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    I vaped to get off cigs,and used lower nicotine over time. Some guys I know are self entitled “vape gods” (D-bags) and they gave me some old setup, which was very generous. It was actually easier than I thought, but transitioning from low to 0 nicotine is the big jump.

    It also helped that I rolled my cigs, which is a surprising amount of time and effort. But rolling cigs with bags of tobacco isn’t as addictive as buying packs because they fuck with them in the factories. Don’t get me wrong, rolling and buying are both awful for you.

    When I smoke weed, I forget all about tobacco but that doesn’t go for everyone.

    Find your motivation, health, money, smell, you get the idea.

    EDIT: Don’t let the annoying community around vapes turn you away from them, just don’t be one of those guys. It’s simple
  15. nicotine gum worked wonders for me
  16. if you havent already tried it, trust me vaping isnt just a fad, it works. invest in a good quality vape, get some liquids which arent cheap ones get some nice ones in flavours you like from a shop which will asisst you in the liquid you need (getting the right nicotine strength)

    this is the key to kicking smoking, i smoke weed and i used to smoke 10-20 cigs a day now i vape instead.
  17. For me it was cannabis. Instead of smoking a butt I’d take a hit. But if you smoke a butt no smoking weed. Separate them and do one or the other. Which one you gonna like more? Gettin high or gettin stinky and wasting cash daily?! I’d take the high.
    Ps there are drs that actually prescribe this to quit butts. Easier to stop cannabis than chemical filled butts.
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  18. roll cigs, then start rolling spliffs, then when the bag runs out roll only joints.

    e cigs also help but most people just permanently move to vaping and dont actually quit.
  19. Try vaping. I love my smok priv v8. It takes one battery and isn't at all big, and very light.
    Buy 3 batteries, one pack of coils for the baby beast tank it comes with, and 2 bottles of juice. Initial price will be about 80$ but think of it this way, after that, it's about 50$ every 3 weeks when you run out of juice and buy two more bottles. You'll spend 50$ in less than one week!. That's 150 in savings. Of course, I'm using U.S pricing. But the priv out here anyways, cost about 35 bucks for a pretty good set up.

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