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Best strains to mix together?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Alex is awesome, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. If you were to mix two different strains in a single joint or blunt which would it be?
  2. Blue Dream + Strawberry Cough

    in a berry zigzag blunt wrap ;)
  3. Blueberry Kush + Trainwreck + bubblegum rolling papers = oh my god...
  4. Personally I had some stuff that was really fruit tasting and I mixed with some minty tasting stuff.

    It was good.
  5. Purple train wreck and white widow. The fuzzy headband around my head felt amazing
  6. Trainwreck and Vanilla Kush. It's what I'm vapping right now and I'm blazed enough to be talking in cyberspace about tossed salads. And forget that this topic was about joints or blunts.OH well fuck it.
  7. Purple....haze

    All in my brain!
  8. big buddha cheese + super lemon haze is my wake up smoke for over a year now
  9. Haven't tried that many combos but white rhino + sour diesel was my favorite head high and purps + blue cheese was some I didnt even remember it was possible to stand up shit.
  10. A combo of these two combo's:
    Haze x Plushberry
    AK-47 x Skunk #1
  11. I smoked this purp weed once it tasted and smelt amazing best weed ive ever smoked and some og kush mixed would be fucking amazing altough the og kush could have been anything and just named randomly and it was almost 2 years ago I remeber a very good high laughing and energetic those 2 mixed in a blunt would be amazing
  12. Jack Herer & Red Dragon
  13. Two different strains, what can the mix be
    Doper than peanut butter covered Rice Krispies
    I'm fly like a frisbe, who is me
    You know me
    I mix the strains up like codeine
    Chillin in the back of a limosine
    You know what I mean
    Smokin the green
    I'm real baked right now like potatoes
    I said this much and still no information in play though
    But I'm about to tell you what I think
    The best combo is the stink, Sour Diesel
    With anything you want, the plant is just an easil
    You can paint any picture you want
  14. my favorite Indica and favorite Sativa; Grandaddy Purple and a pure Arcata Trainwreck. i cant wait to throw both of those together come 4/20!
  15. Kind of late, but fuck it.
    White Widow x GDP
  16. Good thread idea I like to see a lot of T wreck fans. I'm going to have to go with the favorite indica mixed with favorite sativa formula which would be trainwreck mixed with afghan goo which would get you twisted as fuck. Indica indica would be Afgoo with purple kush and sativa sativa would be t wreck with strawberry cough. The most wonderful mixed blunt I've ever personally indulged in was a sativa sativa of indoor Ak - 47 and outdoor haze which put me in a straight trance
  17. NONE im into 1 strain per smoke

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