Best Strains for Warm/Dry Southern US Climate

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DamnImCold85, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for good hearty strain suggestions for down south, where the weather is hot and dry. I know they should be watered frequently for the best crop, but that's just not a reality for me.

    Some strains I heard would be good are -

    -Holland's Hope
    -Purple White Widow
    -Durban Poison

    That's off of a seedbank's site. I want to hear what the GROWING PROFESSIONALS think!

    Any suggestions would really be appreciated!

  2. Down in the heat of the south, if your not going to be able to water your plants frequently it doesn't matter how drought resistant your strain may be, its gonna dry up.

    Look into some sativas and late finishers for those southern climates. Great high and its manageable with your climate.

    Polymer crystals.:) Good luck:wave:
  3. They will be watered, just not as often as I would like to. Probably once a week....

    What makes late finishers a good choice for down south?
  4. Just because you can, and sativas have such great highs. Check into polymer crystals.
  5. or look at some pearlite and bury a 5 gallon bucket fulled with pearlite instead of planting it in dirt and grow your plants in that....pearlite retains water could even go 50/50 with some vermiculite to stabalize it a little more

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