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Best strains for sleeping?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by doom3crazy, May 21, 2010.

  1. Im getting ready to buy some more seeds here soon and jw what strains you guys prefer to smoke before going to bed to help you sleep. Ive had chronic insomnia for over 6 years and its always hard to shut my mind off at the end of the day. Shit for example im typing this message right now and its 230am in the morning. I should be sleeping lol. Anyways.. ya.. what strains do you guys like for sleeping?:smoke:

  2. Indica strains should help you sleep. I'd look for something with higher THC levels too. There are so many strains to choose from it's unreal :eek:

    I like White Widow (indica / sativa cross), helps me sleep and is also a good pain reliever, IMO of course ;)
  3. Black Domina, Butterscotch Hawiian, Trainwreck, Afgani, William's Wonder, Blueberry.
    I Have Insomnia As Well And I Find That Master Kush Puts Me 2 Sleep

    But Ya As The Above Poster Said Look For Pure Indica's No Sativas Cuz They Will Just Wake U Up
  4. grape ape was awesome for passing out
  5. Anything heavy indica dom would be the win. White Rhino killed me when i bought it, Also trainwreck. oh god
  6. Recently my dispensary acquired 2 mega potent indica's, i have no clue as to their seed availability, but ReCon was one of them, its really an ass kicker, and one was Wheel explains it for you.... Both surprised me....
  7. I got the same problem bro, Cant get my brain to stop thinking when I'm trying to slumber.

    Purple diesel is one of my favorite sleep aids. Chemdawg is great for that as well. Grand daddy purple, purple kush, bubba kush should all hep you with sleep. good luck
  8. I've been smoking bubblegum kush lately and everytime it knocks me out if I lay in my bed. Everytime. And it's the best sleep I've ever had too. Just really peaceful and relaxing, and my mind just shuts off so I can get some good rest.
  9. Word I have a white widow going right now. So thats good. :)

    Any other takers?> Your fav strains to smoke and fall asleep?
  10. Indica/Sativa isn't really so reliable anymore for this sort of thing. They've all been bred and harvested for maximum THC for many years since that was all that was desired. CBD is very low even in the majority of high-end indica strains.

    The best way to correct for this is to grow yourself, and let the buds get overripe. The higher concentration of CBD and CBN produced by that harvesting method will be great for insomnia.

  11. I must agree based on personal experience. The real way to know is to look at the trichomes with a microscope and identify the state of the trichome head. Mostly to all amber is great for sleep aid and body high where cloudy is good for a heady high.

    Again, this is what I have experienced, my opinion.

  12. 100% true. Part of my condition (affects quite a few things) is insomnia, and for my grow I had about 90% amber trichromes during my harvest. Something that helps me, is smoking a hybrid strain during the day (high sativa/lower indica), which also helps my sleep disorder.

  13. I suffer from insomnia too and choose my strains so have a day time and knock out strain growing side by side. dinafem's blue hash (hashplant x blueberry) was great for this, really relaxing. Got a dinafem california hashplant on the go at the moment, grown various blueberry hybrids before and was impressed with this so throught I'd try the pure CHP. From dinafem's description its perfect for this, which seems to be backed up by the grow reports I can find.

    Generally, indicas and strains high in CBD are good for sleep. White strains are good, have heard good things about white rhino and am 5 weeks from harvesting greenhouse WR. Going to try the Nirvana version at some point and compare.

    Hope it helps and sweet dreams :smoking:
  14. If you have trouble staying asleep, I highly recommend edibles or pills. They'll last 6 hours or so and help a lot with my sleep.

    Definitely go with an indica, or indica dominant hybrid. I don't have one in particular to recommend, though.
  15. Edibles/hash are a good solution as well. Both contain a much higher proportion of CBD than fresh bud.

    You can also experiment with mixing high CBD hash/edibles and high THC bud. The various chemicals in cannabis seem to have an interaction between eachother.
  16. I believe Trainwreck is a Sativa, but I could be wrong. Any thing that is Indica dominant should put you right to sleep.
  17. I've had some Afghan Kush that knocked me the fuck out! But I'd say any hard hitting indica should work.

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