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best strains for depression, anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by smilin, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. what are the best strains for depression and anxiety?
  2. I liked hindu kush, a nice little sativa like Ak47 could do you well, too. :)

    I'm not a scientist, or someone who specializes with this, but that's how I feel.

    Hindu Kush and AK47 are of the many strains that made me, I guess, more "talkative" and "up beat." But, I guess it's a bias point, because I don't have depression nor do I suffer from anxiety. So, my best guess would be a sativa for you? Not sure.
  3. thanks alot! i really like sativas, they work really well for me, much better than fuckin Effexor... hate that shit, except that the nausea from it is what led me back to the herb, weed is much better when your grown up.
  4. Here's one that I'm currently growing for both these conditions.

    Speed Queen (Mandala Seeds)
    Type: mostly indica
    Contains land race genetics from: Himachal Pradesh, North India
    Cultivation: indoor/outdoor (up to 48 latitude, balcony, greenhouse)
    Flowering time: 55 days/September (south); mid October (north)
    Yield: 400-450 gr/m2 (dry weight)
    THC: 15-18%
    High: the “surfers” choice - a stimulating, and balanced indica buzz that does not put you to sleep. Pleasantly relaxing yet leaves plenty of energy for social activities and is a great daytime grass. No nervous side-effects (racy heart, etc.); suitable for regular med users.
    Medical potential: this strain shows potential against anxiety and depression.
  5. Such as losing a business or financial strain or problems at home or death of a family member? Or do you think it must always be medicated because depression is not normal? I have no opinion either way.. just wondering what other people think....
  6. i never bought the whole depression thing til it hit me, trust me its real, tangible if you will. all i know is that weed keeps my symptoms in check without shitty side effects like effexor or the others. some kinds work better than others and when i get a bag that works well i collect the seeds to grow seedless ones later. thats the plan anyway, and also buying some seeds in the near future.
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    i have depression. thats what i use weed for

    never an indica. just makes me sleepy, really. its not a depressive like alcohol, of course. its weed. but the indica doesn't give me the "head adjustment" i need for lasting effect

    trainwreck is my favorite strain for what ails me. snowcap, maui, green crack, ak-47, etc...

    as you know many of these strains are similar or the same. its all weed. some are distinctive in smell and taste, sure. but they alll do the same thing for me, pretty much

    sativa all the way
  8. Check out Grannies condition /strain sticky.

    I like a 80/20 blend of Indica/Sativa such as Blueberry or Big-bud strain:hello:.

    My list of woes are as follows;
    Acute diverticulitis:eek:
    Chronic pain and nausea related to multiple operations (colon resections):cry:
    Social AnxietyBolt
    Auditory hallucinations.:metal:

    With out our little green friend I have to take 5 different Rx's to get minimal relief...but never as much relief as a gram of herb in paper or pipe can provide...the RX's cost is in excess of $500 added up...herb cost $100 less, and works better for the whole month..I save 100 bucks and the medical insurance saves 480+ in Rx expense repayment..a win/win for all really!;)

    It may take a bit of "testing" to find the correct blend to get the maximum relief you desire, but you can get there!:smoking:

    This is of course all "speculation" on my part as Missouri has no MMJ laws (not yet, but I'm an activist for it)...I wouldn't want LEO to think I would break the law to get medical relief from my disabilities..nope, wouldn't want that...:rolleyes:
  9. hindu or haze it needs to have a euophoric feeling in order for you to recieve the proper doose you are looking for.
  10. Hey, I have OCD so I deal with tons of anxiety and depression.

    You can't go wrong with indicas, they leave me happy/giggly and let me sleep SO well at night. Also if im having obsessional thoughts, or my mind is racing, an indica stops all that in its tracks.

    SOMETIMES, people with anxiety can't handle sativas very well because its more of a stimulating feel.
    But I can smoke them both fine.

    I also have ADD so when I smoke sativas its easier to focus :D

    Find the indica thats right for you, all of them will help with anxiety, some strains make you more happier then normal.

    I rec. Any type of Bubba Kush and La Confidental
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    is there an indica that doesn't give you "couch lock?"

    i tried an indica first off....man it knocked me out like i can't be if i'm depressed. i need to do stuff...its part of my treatment. i can't be feeling all stoned, sleepy, and wanting to go to bed. its depression. i need to avoid those tendencies

    the indica(s) i have tried move me toward those tendencies, not away. i won't say it makes me worse off. certainly not. i'm not talking about it affecting me like that. however, it puts me in a place that doesn't help me. lets just say the "couch" is not where this depressed person can afford to be

    so sativa makes sense to me. man i have some great stuff right now. it has me smiling and alert as i type this. this is what i want

    but it would be nice to find a nice indica...or indica dom hybrid, that would help, too? what do you guys think?

    i really don't have an opportunity to smoke weed otherwise, so the shop is the only place i go to get it. i don't want to waste time and money trying out a bunch of weed when the sativa i use works great for me
  12. Honestly, if you smoke a decent amount of any headies I can damn-near gaurantee you that you will be happy after.

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