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Best Strains for Chrohn's/cramps/pain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by brody15, Sep 15, 2009.

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    While I dont have chrons... I suffer from back pain and occasional diverticulitius bouts..

    I have been using afghani #1 for night time meds used for the pain.

    Seems to work well... not too overpowering, unless you let it matute to about 50% amber, it will put you down for the night, and it may be a late day the next morning...

    Currently working on OG#18 and afghani #1... I'll let ya know how my og works for the pain.. I am planning on using the first one done as a daytime med, and only going a lil amber with it for my first one.

    I did have others here recommend 2 strains that I have not been able to try yet.. but they were darkstar, and aurora indica.
  2. Most Blueberry is Indica dominant , there is however a Blueberry sativa
    that you don't see very often.

    The majority of the Blueberry crosses that are still indica dominant will
    work quite well , one friend with Crohns pretty much sticks to the Blue crosses
    and then Romulan ( and NO Romulan is NOT a straight Indica) along with
    Rhino and a doubled uo AfGoo I've had for years.

    Me , my pain is different than Crohns so I'm not sure how applicable
    any info might be , that said I still find much of value in certain genetics
    that are out of vogue right now , a good many of which have a more Sativa
    component than is popular with the marketplace. Besides Blueberry I kind
    of have a thing for Skunks , T'Wreck and it's crosses and certain sativas
    that go back to the '70s , some of which are actually pretty fair for pain relief.

    But then again you won't see some of this at dispensaries , stuff that
    would be likely to be readily available along Indica lines would be things
    like GDP and the rest of it's subsets , you might see Rom or the Rhino , the
    L.A. Confidential or ReCon would be good , the heavy Indica *REAL* Kushes
    ( don't get me started on why a great many OGs are NOT a Kush) Aurora
    Indica , Black Domina is ( or was for me keep in mind grow techniques have
    their effects) a good producer and almost narcotic but at the expense of taste.

    One that I can personally recommend that you don't see around much is
    yet another Blue cross , the Barney's Farm Blue Moonshine is * very* nice
    very effective for my bone on bone orthopedic pain..

    And then we have have the old reliable , the one that has kind of gotten
    shoved over in the corner and forgotten but whose genetics surface in some
    surprising places. I've done these for years and though they might not test
    at W.W. or AK type THC levels it consistently produces very high CBD counts
    that being the old ubiquitous Calif Hash Plant , a short squat inbred , almost
    as ugly as the Rhino , couldn't kill it with a baseball bat tough little plant.

    Another that's bombproof that you don't see often is Green Poison , short
    finishing , big yielding , shrugs off most of the fungus type pests , however
    effect ihas such intensity as to almost be harsh in a way.

    A good Master or Pre '98 Bubba would be good along the Kush lines and
    the landrace Afghans , Paks and Hindus are around if you look hard enough.
  3. I have UC which is identical to Chrohn's in many ways. That waxing and waning pain you get in your gut, feels like someone is burning you with a soldering iron but it is actually cramping, in my experience is best treated by an indica or high CBD strain like Harlequin. Even high THC sativa's will stop the cramping, but I seem to need more probably due to the low CBD content. Blockhead and Romulan work very well for me. Any of the Indica dominant hybrids works well for me. Some dispensaries sell high CBD tinctures too, but you need to check around. GL
  4. You guys know your stuff, thanks for the info. Obviously this is a great thread for information for anyone. Unfortunately there's nothing to update on my end, my friend never really took to smoking weed as a regular treatment. I know you guys were wondering.:smoke:
  5. I have a severe gastrointestinal disorder and I find that Tahoe OG works well for stomach issues hope this helps
  6. its how u grow it also for example cytokinins r inflammatory agents
  7. Burmese is what I'm smokin on right now . Sweet Tooth is tasty and amazing . But Indica and high CBD strains are what work best for Crohn's . I live in Missouri and I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy Colorado medical strains . God bless the growers who travel to non-medical states to make extra money from the BEST strains , people like myself really benefit from it .
  8. The cbd strains are the very worst. Autoflowers are better than cbd. Its a flawed concept. Good herb should have no more than 1% cbd
  9. Sour Diesel and Headband are the best meds I've found for my CVS (vomiting condition with lots of cramps and pain). I assume it's fairly similar. The strong skunky strains do me the most good. They relax my tummy. Give them a try if you haven't. Stay away from heavy
    Sativas like hazes and green crack if you're anything like me. And Blackberry doesn't sit sell with me for some reason even though I love it. Sorry if I'm rambling.

  10. Sweet tooth is my favorite!

    stop using your cannabis to treat the pain.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-iU9QN0fEM]LEAF [Juicing Raw Cannabis] Re-Upload - YouTube[/ame]

    ..i mean you still can smoke obviously...

    but don''t you guys want to get rid of your IBS and Crohn's?

    i know if i had it, i would want it cured.. not trying to minimize the pain all the time.

    WAKE UP>
  12. lemon haze for quick relief from stomach pains, blueberry for night time pains.
  13. Use regular seeds and grow organic
  14. @[member="wordtothewise"]
    Definitely on point with this one.  Chem dog, and cheese work the absolute best for me, with the least amount of side effects.
     I would have never guessed that one day I would EVER smoke.  I despised the stuff, and ridiculed people who people who did.   jokes on me i guess.  I developed Crohn's a couple years ago, and doctors could not find a single thing that would help.  after thousands of wasted dollars.  My pothead friend pushed me to give it a go.   Miracle cure.   Ive since been able to gain back the 50lbs i lost in 6 months, and I can leave the house knowing that I won't have to find a bathroom every 5 seconds to throw up or otherwise.  

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