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Best strains for anxiety and depression?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Honest American, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Does anyone have an opinion on whats the best strain for severe social anxiety/agoraphobia? I have heard "sativa is better' and "indica is better". I am thinking I picked the wrong strains... all mostly sativa.

  2. A shrink

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  3. I smoke indicas. They chill me out enough to go in public. Kush is my fav for my anxiety. For depression I still take meds but usually if I'm really down I just smoke a lot and watch comedys.

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  4. For me it depends, some sativas give me anxiety some dont, usually a strain high in CBD helps a lot with anxiety, which tends to be usually indicas. I grow the Iced grapefruit from female seeds now, best anti anxiety bud ive smoked imo.
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    Cinderella 99 is my strain of choice for public... most sativa dominant strains are going to be the soaring, giddy, uppidy high. Sometimes if I vape too much indica before I go out for the day I'll get a little anxious but god I love my afghan kush when I get home at night.Everyone has personal preference. I say try a bunch out and see what you like.
  6. I agree with some!

    Grade A. Kush strains
    for anxeity

    Indica's mainly- and are good for pain/insomnia aswell! ;)

  7. i have severe anxiety/agoraphobia and i agree cinderella 99 is pretty good with it.. clear headed energetic sativa high.. but smoke too much and you will freak out, with major paranoia and racing heart..probably influenced from the haze. but 1-3 hits and im goood, anything more and i cant stand it. growing c99 sort of sucks though, depending on pheno, they dont produce very much and can get quite stretchy and lanky(very tall) they usually smell really fruity, but it doesnt taste as good as it smells imo.
    hands down the best of the best that i have had and grown is rks from reserva prevada.  very similar to the high from c99 but much more calming and forgiving, not so racey.. but also clear headed. it smells a bit lemony and has some minty undertones.  it grows pretty nice and produces a pretty good amount also. the smoke is very soft and smooth, very little lung expansion and tastes the same as it smells.
    as far as kush strains, you couldnt pay me to smoke them.. very bad with my anxiety.  usually indicas for me are no good at all.  
    the best for me a sativa skunk strains
  8. I've always been a fan of lemon sweet skunk.

    I forgot to mention I deal with depression and take antidepressants. The sativa strains seem to lighten my mood up a bit and indica chills me out after a stressful day when I'm ready to wring someone's neck.
  9. I have 4 cinderella 99s from g13 labs bout to finish, cant wait to see how they treat the anxiety.
  10. Not sure about g13, but I grew out Female Seeds C99......stuff is delicious (pineapple/grapefruit taste) and very potent.    I suffer from anxiety though, and my C99 is not suitable for when I'm feeling anxious as it provides a very racy, heart-pounding sativa high.....if I over-indulge, or smoke some when I'm already wound up, it definitely makes my anxiety worse.    For depression it is great though, very functional happy high.
    I stick to indicas when anxiety strikes, they calm me down and chill me out.
    How do you know the amount of CBD? Mine are from Bonza seeds and they gave a THC amount but not CBD.
    I thought I heard that smoking while taking antidepressants makes them less effective? I've tried Lexapro twice, Zoloft, and Remeron. Didn't like the side effects I had, and they didn't seem to work anyways so I stopped taking them.
  12. So I just it comes down to trial and error, just like antidepressants  :bongin:
  13. I need to grow there c99 to i hear its more legit, I got 4 iced grapefruit bout to finish Tuesday from female seeds though, Have had amazing success with female seed thus far.
  14. I was on anti depressants for years , celexa to be exact and I felt like i got a lot less stoned from smoking. I didnt get bad interactions, I have recently weened myself off all pharmaceuticals and just smoke and use high cbd edibles in combination with good success at treating my bi polar and anxiety, Its been a long road I took SSRIS for nearly 12 years but im glad to be off of them.
  15. Check out CBD-CREW. They have strains with 5-6% CBD and low THC content.
    Sometimes I don't believe in the "it's just your brain chemistry". Basically saying if you take this pill, it will correct that, and make you feel better. Maybe for some people but not for me. Interactions with what, weed + meds? I just heard it makes it so the antidepressants weren't as effective.. I was on the highest dose, no relief so I figured I'd get off of them and stick to marijuana. Better anti-depressant, doesn't help anxiety, but doesn't really make it worse either.
    Were you diagnosed with bi-polar disorder? Wonder if I have that sometimes.. but really confused about it.
    Thanks man
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    yea man i was diagnosed with bi polar at age 14 and was on meds till i was 25 im 26 now, so i havnt been off them to long. They did help but I felt the negatives out weighed the positives. Anti depressants made me feel emotionless, apathetic most times, no sexual drive, but yea it did take the anxiety away. Now I focus more on a healthier diet and more exercise and moderate amounts of marijuana, I find edibles work much better with anxiety and last longer then smoking for me
    I've been to mental health professionals but I've never been "diagnosed".. do you have to ask for this special? lol
    Yeah I had the same side effects, the Lexapro was more forgiving but the Zoloft made me nauseous, at times I would notice I'd clench my jaw, felt like I was on Adderal or something.
  20. Man what you need is some grapegum by ripper seeds... Let it go til all tris are milky, no amber.. Usually around day 60 indoors... But ya that is a all around piece of perfection... IMO, its a 60/40 sativa dom..

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