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Best strain you've smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FollowYourBliss, May 14, 2011.

  1. I've gotta say I've smoked a lot of different strains but nothing beats the first kush strain I've ever smoked and its called Great White Shark.

    I've smoked Purp, Headband, Orange kush, bubble gum, etc

    But nothing put me on my ass faster then the Great White Shark, but at the time I was just a little reggie smoker and my friend put me on with this stuff, Like I stopped in the middle of the street when I was driving just to get out and let me friend drive because I had never experienced such an intense high before, I couldn't even get into the passenger seat without falling out.

    Lol so whats good ya'll? Lets hear some stories!
  2. I really enjoy Sour Diesel it's such a good go on an adventure high.
  3. blueberry yum yum
  4. Afgan Kush
    Cinderella 99

    H-Town :D:wave::smoke:
  5. Pineapple kush, cinderella 99
  6. Hashberry. Dankest herb I've ever smoked. Only got an eighth of it, can only find it at the clubs now.
  7. Well I did smoke some hindu grass and that shit was fire but I think everyone needs to hop on the GWS forreal lol. I think its like a hardcore indica strain
  8. BRIGHT purple purple kush I found at 4/20, sooooooo good. Northern Lights and Master Kush are also pretty awesome.

  9. I've only heard about northern lights, But the Master Kush is fuckin bomb. Ultra STICKY, like you can squish the bud flat and fit it in ur wallet if needed ahaha.
  10. Headband.
  11. All the strain are usually good to me but I love Northern Lights. Probably because of the history we have.

  12. Yeah man, just got it last night, had a blast with it.
  13. Lemon Kush, Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, Grand Daddy, White Rhino
  14. Lemon Skunk, White Widow, Purple Haze
  15. northern lights. only had it once, and it was when we were chillin and swimming...bad call lol
  16. Blue Dream really messed me up. But first time smoking anything besides mids was some juicy fruit and that was my favorite till this day
  17. blue dream last night.. ;)
    jack herer
    grape ape
  18. Granddaddy got me the highest I have ever been. It was amazing. White widow comes in second.
  19. Sweet Tooth has the most pleasant smell I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

    Blue Dream has to be my overall favorite though :)
  20. The train wrecked me

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