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  1. What do you guys reccomend me to grow? Im looking for something with sativa in so a hybrid.
  2. First thing you need to remember is that Sativas take longer to flower, in most cases your better Sativas take 10-12 weeks, and most Sativa doms can take 12-14 weeks. Now if you are not concerned w/ flowering times, then the Haze strains are very good, I would suggest Mr. Nice lines b/c Shantibaba and Neville were the breeders that worked hard to establish many of the better Haze strains.

    Now, these are kind of hard to find, but C-99 is a great Sativa hybrid, and most of your Skunk strains are 70% or better Sativa, I know the Skunk #1 is 75/25. Skunk is basically the same when you are dealing w/ strains, only the names are changed due to the many phenotypes discovered while growing Skunk, and the best part is it flowers in less than 10 weeks, some of them are ready in 8 or 9 weeks.

    Do some research, check out some producers of good quality Sativa Hybreds, then research the ones that catch your interest.

  3. AK-47 is a sativa hybrid, gives an uplifting sativa high, and is decent on the yield. Also relatively easy to grow, and pretty powerful. Pretty sure the flowering time is no more than ~70 days, and it's a medium sized plant.
  4. That's what I'm currently growing (labeled AK-48 from though) :)
  5. AK-48 is a newer strain, with Ice and Jock Horror for parents. Different from AK-47. Let us know what you think of it though. Oh, here's a good site for info on quite a few strains. KGB - Marijuana Strain Library
  6. Ohh...didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Is there such a thing called " sativa hybrid"? I thought a hybrid was a cross between a sativa AND an indica strain? Or... would 2 different sativa strains be considered a "sativa hybrid"?
  8. Hybred can be crosses of Sativa X Sativa, Indica X Indica, or Sativa X Indica. You see there are many different types of each and many grow quite differently; a perfect example is Thai, I have 3 different ones from different regions and they all grow differently, and when compared to Columbian and Mexican Sativas, they grow differently also. Often Indicas are used in the breeding process to shorten flowering time or stablize an unstable landrace, such as Thai which is very unstable.

    Skunk #1 was created using 2 Sativas and an Indica, the Indica Afghani was basically used to shorten the flowering time of the Columbian and Acapulco Gold, which resulted in the true Skunk #1 being a 75/25 Sativa/Indica hybred.

  9. Just to add to what Less said, there's also hybrid crosses with ruderalis, a subspecies of sativa. This is what leads to the auto flowering species of plants. Originally the cannabis ruderalis plants contained little to no THC, but through crossing with other plants, they've developed such plants as Easy Ryder (AK-47 dwarf) and Diesel Ryder (diesel dwarf). Hybrid just means it's not a "pure" or "original" strain.
  10. Thankx! Good Info! I learn something new everyday!

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